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Spring 2024

A New Season and a New Audit Schedule!

Spring is a great time of year, from the increase in sunlight, to the colorful flowers (maybe not the pollen), and change in temperature. We also really look forward creating the annual plan for new projects!

The office’s workplan, called the Audit Schedule, includes projects we’re currently working on as well those we plan to work on later in the year. Audit topics are based on input from members of the public, County leaders, community leaders, other stakeholders, and observations from audit staff. Those topics are considered based on many any other factors, including potential for significant cost impacts, improved performance, and equity of public services.

We had a great community response to our call for audit topics! Thank you to those who submitted topic suggestions. Our 2024 audit topics will include both internal and program delivery topics. These include:  


  • Federal Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA)
  • Identity and Access Management (IT security)
  • County Grants Management
  • Cash Handling


We appreciate all the input on the audit schedule! For the topics that didn’t make the list, we will keep the ideas and potentially consider them for 2025.

You have our many thanks for your continued support of this office and public accountability!

Kristine Adams-Wannberg

Washington County Auditor

New Follow-Up Reports Out!

We are strong believers in monitoring. About a year after an audit report is published, audit staff check in with management to get an update on the progress made implementing the report’s recommendations. We assess the status and post an update on our website. This monitoring helps ensure recommendations are being actively worked on, and if not, the reasons why.

We have issued three follow-up reports for Q1:

Check out our follow-up reports, and please submit any feedback through our contact form.

Status of Audit Schedule Projects

Audit Name

Start Date

Estimated Completion

ARPA Workforce Development

April 2023

2nd Quarter 2024

MSTIP Risk Assessment

April 2023

2nd Quarter 2024

Grants Management

April 2024

Identity and Access Management


Cash Handling


Emergency Rental Assistance


Did You Know...

All staff in the Auditor’s Office are members of professional organizations that support auditing! These organizations include: the Association of Local Government Auditors, the Institute of Internal Auditors, ISACA (the IT auditors’ group), and the Government Finance Officer’s Association.

We use resources from these organizations to stay up-to-date with changes in the field, advance our professional development, and tap into great ideas from our peer auditors.

Invite the Auditor!

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We’re on Social Media!

Earlier this year we created a Facebook account and an Instagram account to keep you up to date on activities at the Washington County Auditor’s Office. The two accounts have similar information, please connect with us at one or both accounts to stay up-to-date!

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