MAY 2024

[Image: The Vision Guide Dogs logo features a winding road with a guide dog standing in the center and "Vision Guide Dogs" printed in the upper-right corner. Next to the logo it reads "Navigate the World."]

Until Next Year, Fiesta!

[Image: Guide dog-in-training Joy in a sit-stay position with a floral crown graphic on her head and the words "Viva Fiesta" beneath her.]

Friends, you did it again! We are grateful for the immense support you have shown us during the recent Fiesta events we participated in. The fact that you care so deeply about our mission moves us beyond words. We also enjoyed connecting with individuals from other nonprofit organizations and local businesses to learn about the amazing work they're doing to impact positive change. The amount of dedication and passion that exists in this community is inspiring and reminds us that there is hope for the future.

April Photo Album

[Image: VGD volunteer and advisor Jeana Orman selling VGD merchandise at the Belle & Union Fiesta Femme event.]

[Image: VGD volunteers and board members Ed Harloe and Sandy Merrill behind the VGD booth at the 2024 Fiesta Fiesta Pin Pandemonium event.]

[Image: VGD volunteer puppy raiser Annette Hennesey working with guide dog-in-training Joy inside a local store. Joy is in a sit-stay position and Annette is pointing to a mannequin.]

[Image: VGD volunteer puppy raiser Lana Reynolds working with guide dog-in-training Buddy inside a local nursery. Buddy is in a sit position and Lana is motioning for him to stay.]

[Image: VGD volunteer and board member Gail Walden standing behind the VGD booth at the Camp CAMP DeafBlind Family Weekend Retreat. Gail's guide dog Mark is in a down-stay position next to the booth.]

[Image: Nadia De La Garza of City Council District 1 helping us sell Fiesta medals at Tandem Coffee, Beer, & Wine.]

[Image: VGD puppy trainer and board member Martha Menchaca working with guide dog-in-training Elroy inside a local mall.]

[Image: VGD volunteer and board member Lou Ann Williams standing next to the VGD booth at the Low Vision Expo. Her guide dog Keller is in a down-stay position next to her.]

[Image: Nadia De La Garza of City Council District 1 and VGD volunteer and board member Beth Hepp behind the VGD booth at the King William Fair. Guide dog-in-training Elroy is in a down-stay position in front of the booth.]

[Image: Yellow Labrador retriever Bomba, the dog of one of our most active volunteers, in a sit-stay position at the Fiesta Pooch Parade. Bomba is sporting a VGD dog bandanna with colorful ribbons and has a sign with the VGD logo and Lotería game cards attached to his leash as decorations.]

Note of Appreciation

[Image: A thank you message to Mike's Dog Store featuring their logo and a picture of the VGD 2024 Fiesta medal store display. Each medal is enclosed in a Lotería game card matchbox and the matchboxes are inside a wooden box. Next to the box is a dog figurine wearing a Mexican sombrero.]

Teamwork makes the dream work! Thank you to Mike and Tina Kuykendall and the rest of the team at Mike's Dog Store for selling our Fiesta medals for the second year in a row. We appreciate local businesses like yours stepping forward to make a positive impact in our community. You have supported our mission since the beginning and it means the world to us. We look forward to future collaborations and continuing to make a meaningful difference together.

VGD friends, if you haven't visited Mike's Dog Store yet, we encourage you to go. They have a terrific selection of treats and food, dog beds, collars, toys, great customer service, and expert advice on all things dog!


Events & Information

[Image: Gold picture frame featuring a yellow Labrador retriever wearing a red bandanna and cowboy hat. The scenery in the background is a desert and mountains. The VGD logo is in the upper-right corner. Beneath the framed picture it reads, "Dogs in Art."]

"Dogs in Art" Art & Craft Fair:

A picture is worth a thousand words...especially the ones with dogs! Join us for a dog-themed day of activities hosted by Makers Studio. From custom dog photography and dog portraits to dog accessories, crafts, a raffle, and guide dog demos from yours truly, there is something for every dog lover. The event will include a mini exhibit and sale of artwork by VGD client John Bramblitt. We hope to see you there!

Date: Saturday, May 25, 2024

Time: 10am - 6pm

Admission Fee: Free


Makers Studio

1100 Austin Highway

San Antonio, TX 78209


How You Can Help

[Image: Guide dog-in-training Buddy is in a down-stay position in front of a sign that reads, "Happy 40th Anniversary." Above the sign is a colorful Fiesta banner.]

Volunteer Opportunities:

Are you there, helpers? It's us...Vision Guide Dogs. If you're looking for a great way to help out in the community, our mission is calling you! For more info on VGD volunteer opportunities, please check out our website by clicking the button below.

For questions:


Phone: (830) 206-0626


That's Interesting

Video about Garland, TX mural painted by artist and VGD client John Bramblitt

[Image: YouTube video about Garland's latest mural by blind artist John Bramblitt as well as info about the important work that Visual Aid Volunteers conducts.]

Artist & VGD Client John Bramblitt's Latest Project:

Embrace the arts! That's the theme of the latest mural by artist and VGD client John Bramblitt. The mural, located in Garland, TX, is painted along one side of the headquarters of Visual Aid Volunteers (VAV). VAV is a nonprofit organization which has been providing quality braille materials to students in Texas for over 60 years. For details on the mural and VAV, click on the link above to view the YouTube video or the button below for the Visual Aid Volunteers' website.


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