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September 2019
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Can You Protect Your Art in the Digital Age? Copyright and Fair Use 
by Robin Markowitz

There has been a major change in how we think about image ownership. Reproducing, combining, and disseminating images without obtaining permission from the maker is an issue that all artists face and highlighted by the current legal battle between Des Moines artist Chris Williams and the supermarket chain Hy-Vee over using his artwork as a background in a national advertising campaign without recognition or compensation.

This article will discuss the basics of copyright law and how it applies to artists and crafters. There are always two questions concerning copyright: 1) how to I protect my artwork and 2) when am I able to incorporate someone else's work without permission.

Copyright legally belongs to the artist from the moment of creation. You do NOT need to register the work with the US Copyright Office 

The heart of the Chris Williams lawsuit is over the question of who can use public art and for what purposes. One aspect of Williams' suit alleges misappropriation of the mural and that his signature and Instagram contact information were removed from advertising materials. He is seeking damages for claims including "alteration and removal of copyright management information under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act."

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By Robin Markowitz

Hard to believe but INSURANCE is a hot topic among show directors and artists as weather is increasingly unstable and risk adverse promoters have pushed this issue to the front burner.

Artists are increasingly reporting that shows, fairs and festivals now require that all artists carry-and prove that they carry--at least liability insurance. 

As a professional artist, you've put your time, money, blood, sweat, and tears into your work. Is it protected? If you aren't sure, then the answer is probably no or not enough. You need to invest in policies that include liability coverage as well as considerations such as theft, accidents, acts of God and damages to an artist's work or booth by others.

Click below to read an easy to understand overview of what you should consider when buying insurance for your art business.

This Issue's Quote:  "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."  -- Maya Angelou
The Art Festival Director Conference , October 24-25th,  is a two-day professional development event bringing together show directors and those connected to the industry for learning, discussion, inspiration and networking opportunities. This conference is tailored to individuals who are involved with the planning of  an art fairs or festivals, including board chairs, council or chamber staff, and volunteers. 

Registration: $485 until September 30th
                   $585 October 1st - October 22nd

Conference Chairs:
Cindy Lerick - President, The Art of Events
Leo Charette - Executive Director, An Occasion for the Arts
Robin Markowitz - Art-Linx and Festival Director, Rockville Arts Festival

A sampling of the industry experts we have at this conference.

Jessica Bybee-Dziedzic : New Marketing and Creative Social Media
Leo Charette: Critical Elements of Show Development

David Goch, Esq: Board Dynamics and Best Practices

Cindy Lerick: Attracting and Nurturing Emerging Artists

Robert L. Lynch: The Future of the Arts and Art Festivals

Diana Mayhew: Utilizing Sponsors and Strategic Partners at the Festival 

Speaker bios and Conference information can be found HERE
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Arts Council of Southeast Missouri
Application Deadline10/18/19
Artist Resources for Understanding  US Copyright and Fair Use 

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