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January 2020
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2020 Color Trends
by Robin Markowitz

When it comes to art, there is no single element more impactful than color. The colors you incorporate into your design can completely change the look, feel and perception. Choosing colors is very personal for any artist, but staying on-trend can have an effect on sales.

What does "on-trend" mean for 2020? Four  of the world's largest paint companies Pantone, Behr,  Sherwin Williams, and PPG recently released their 2020 color palettes, and there's a clear theme across the board - colors inspired by the great outdoors (mainly greens and blues) that act to evoke a sense of peace, calm, and tranquility.  

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Woodside, CA
Application Closes: 1/31/20 

Muskegon, MI
Application Closes: 2/4/20
Chagrin Falls, OH
Application Closes: 2/20/20

Fort Wayne, IN
Application Closes: 2/28/20

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What's In and What's Out 2020
To create this list Art-Linx has researched the trends discussed in home design, fashion and art. Wishing everyone a year filled with creativity and inspiration.  

Relief Engraving
Flat Type
Shiny Gold
Matt Gold
Line Art Sketch
50's Vintage
60's Pop
Organic Forms Geometric Shapes
Cyberpunk Color Neon
Disparate Elements
Bold Typography
Arial, Times New Roman,  Veranda 
Artisanal Crochet

Maxi Hemlines
Cropped or Mini
Shoulder Length Earrings
Large Link Necklaces

This Issue's Quote: "Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" - Winston Churchill
Spotlight on Show: Crested Butte Arts Festival

This month I had the pleasure of interviewing Chelsea Dalporto-McDowell, Executive Director of the Crested Butte Arts Festival in Crested Butte, CO. 

How do you make artists and patrons feel at home at the Crested Butte Arts Festival? 

When we invite artists and patrons, it is as if we are offering an opportunity to break bread with friends and family. Of course, customer service is a high priority to us as an organization, but the feeling of appreciation is felt in the depth of our community throughout the weekend. As the Executive Director, I make it a point to introduce myself to each vendor and check in periodically throughout the weekend on sales and experience. 

Our Artist VIP house is testament to our care for artists, as we offer excellent meals, drinks, comfortable seating, and the great company of CBAF volunteers and staff. As for patrons, they know that when they come to CBAF they will be intrigued and inspired by the quality and variety of the show. Additionally, offering them excellent entertainment, culinary delights, and plethora of craft libations doesn't hurt for the happiness factor! As a festival, we know that if our artists are happy, our patrons are happy and visa versa. We strive for excellence from the time artists check-in until the last patron leaves the venue.

Your show is located in one of the most spectacular places - can you discuss how the landscape works as a catalyst to a successful show?  

The typical patron that comes to CBAF has an admiration for fine art and the natural environment. With the backdrop of the show being the majestic Crested Butte Mountain, a feeling of inspiration is evident throughout the weekend. We see this uplifting and awe aspect of our location to be akin to a particularly well curated gallery experience, facilitated by the wonders of nature! There is no doubt that this "wow" factor influences the buying behavior of patrons in a positive way, as artists frequently note throughout the weekend.

The festival does year round outreach programs in the Gunnison Valley. Can you tell us about an exciting project that this mission has supported in previous years?
See Trees by Sarah Bischoff
A portion of proceeds from CBAF's Art Auction tent goes towards year round arts outreach programs in the Gunnison Valley. Our goal is to engage all ages in art activities that are thought provoking and educational. In 2019 we supported an especially interesting interactive installation called See Trees created by Heather
See Trees by Sarah Bischoff
Bischoff, a local artist in Crested Butte. See Trees offered a sculpture of aspen trees with lenses to observe various scenes. The grove inticied people of all ages and gave them a glimpse into the multiverse! through the aspen's eyes, which were filled with exciting mixed media imagery. Arts Outreach projects, such as See of Trees, are an important aspect of CBAF's history of supporting local creative initiatives in our artist colony! 

The Crested Butte community appears to have a strong commitment to sustainability. Can you showcase how the festival will be working towards this common goal in 2020?
CBAF has pledged to lessen its environmental footprint, without sacrificing the sophistication of the event. In 2020 we will be moving away from paper programs and implementing a festival app. This not only takes down on over 3,000 paper programs that, ultimately, end up in landfills, but will also provide the patron with an elegant interface that will showcase the festival's event schedule, amenities and highlight participating artists. CBAF sees this app as not only a way to transition from a mentality of disposable, but believes this modern approach will give the user a premier weekend experience.

The Crested Butte Arts Festival takes place July 31 - August 2, 2020. Applications are open on Zapp until 3/1/20. If you are interested in more information about this preimier event click HERE.
Finding Balance in 2020

There is a Chinese curse which says "May you live in interesting times." Like it or not, we live in interesting times. The year 2020 starts with divisive politics, gun violence, international security threats and a planet in environmental peril. Plus all the reasons we're stressed individually: work, health problems, life changes and more. 

According to Gallup's 2019 data on emotional states - Americans  are among the most stressed out populations in the world. Fifty-five percent of the American population  reports experiencing stress during the day-every day. Instead of the traditional discussion of New Years resolutions, these are four ideas to help us create an environment that enhances our creativity.

1. Don't Be Overwhelmed by Social Media
2. Bring More Kindness into the World
3. Invest in Your Health
4. Ask for Help

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