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We are looking forward to the warmer weather that spring brings in Concord! We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. With the warmer weather, comes more outdoor activities. We are so fortunate to have the beautiful green spaces and jogging, biking trails along with pickle ball and the playground areas in our township. Enjoy our parks!

The solar eclipse on April 8th, will be a spectacle! Lake County is in the path of totality. This means that people in this path will be the only ones able to see all stages of the total eclipse. Not only will you be able to see the eclipse, because of the of the total darkness it is possible to see with the naked eye some of our planets and some very large stars with a clear sky. The eclipse line of totality will pass over about 1-2 miles off the shore of Lake County. The Lake County Sheriff has posted a statement for residents to help the county residents and visitor stay safe and secure during what we expect to be a very busy Total Eclipse. Enjoy the totality!

Safety Services Initiative

We have promised to keep residents informed about the safety services initiative. In light of our underfunded budget for safety services, Andy Rose, Township Administrator along with our new Fiscal Officer, John Patriarca, have formed a citizen advisory committee to assist in guiding the Township with decisions relating to funding for safety forces which include fire, sheriff and police. As we work diligently toward possible solutions regarding the need for additional funding in the form of a levy this year, the advisory committee will provide constructive and positive feedback from residents about funding and suggestions on how best to communicate with voters to ensure they are well informed when they vote.

The goal of the committee is to gain a strong understanding of the Township budget as it relates to safety services funding, review and offer feedback on Issue 3 from 2023 and then provide recommendations to the Administrator and Fiscal Officer by the end of May. We will continue to update the community regarding the progress. We appreciate the time and effort these members will be devoting to this initiative. We are confident that we will find the best solution for Concord Township and continue to keep safety a priority!

Enjoy the beautiful spring!

Eclipse Event


Classes are held at the Concord Community Center, 7671 Auburn Road, Concord Township, Ohio 44077, unless otherwise noted.

Community Events

Photo Contest

Concord Township Photo Contest

Enter the 2024 Photo Contest by April 3rd!â €

â €

You may enter two (2) picture per category. Photos must be in high quality .jpeg format 2250Ă—3000 pixel size (6.75 Megapixel).â €

â €

Please make sure you title each photo.â €

â €

Categories are:â €

Nature (Animals, Birds, Flowers)â €

Places (Homes, Historical Sites, Landmarks)â €

Peopleâ €

Black & Whiteâ €

Unique Concord Sitesâ €

â €

Please call 440-639-4650 with any questions.â €

Photo Contest Info
Indoor Garage Sale

Indoor Garage Sale

Plan to shop the indoor garage sale at the Concord Community Center on Friday, April 12, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM and Saturday, April 13, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

â €

â €

Informational Programs for Concord Residents Only!

Coffee with the Administrator

Enjoy coffee and pastries while chatting with Town Administrator, Andy Rose, about current Concord Township news and updates!

4th Thursday of every Month from 9:00-10:30 AM

Understanding Your Taxes

Understanding Your Taxes

Join Township Administrator Andy Rose as he discusses your tax dollars. Topics covered will be how your property tax is distributed in the County, along with the allocation of your tax dollars coming to Concord, inside vs. outside millage, the impact of HB920, and clearing up myths.  Information talked about will be the same for all classes so please attend only 1 of the following sessions! 


Tuesday, April 2, 9:00-11:00 AM OR  6:00-8:00 PM

Wednesday, April 10, 9:00-11:00 AM OR  6:00-8:00 PM

Youth Programs


Rookie Sports Club leads an age-appropriate program that utilizes fun games and activities to teach the fundamentals to be- ginning soccer players. Coaches focus on teaching the basics of dribbling, passing, scoring, and the concept of game play. Proper sportsmanship is emphasized in a positive and encouraging atmosphere enabling children to enjoy learning soccer while also having fun being physically active. Each week will include both developmentally appropriate instruction as well as recreational, non-competitive game play.

Limited spots are available in the 5-6 year old session!

Please contact the Recreation Department at 440-639-4650 if your child is 4 years old and interested in playing.

Wednesday 6:30 PM Ages 5-6

$70/$75 Town Hall

Kids Dance

KIDS DANCE CLASSES, beginning April 25

Move and Groove

(2-3 yrs., 5:30-6:00 PM)

This class is designed to get your child active and comfortable in group settings. Interactive movements and fun props will be incorporated.

Princess Ballet

(3-5 yrs., 6:00-6:30 PM)

Ballet basics - learn fun dances to kid friendly songs from your favorite Disney movies. This class works on balance and starts to incorporate beginner ballet movements.

Cheer & Hip Hop

(5-8 yrs., 6:30-7:00 PM)

Learn a hip hop routine to upbeat kid friendly music as well as fun cheers, jumps, and motions.



Thrive is a program designed to promote learning through play! Think back to field days or recess, adult-led but with plenty of opportunities for children to also lead and call the shots!

Class will begin with a warm-up, then the activity or task of the day, followed by a group huddle to end class.

This program provides opportunities for developmentally age-appropriate skill building; socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively.

Thursdays 5:30-6:15 PM, Spring 1, 4/9-4/30

2-4 yrs.



Gentle Yoga

This class will teach the basic principles of yoga – breathwork, physical postures focused on stretching, balance and strength, and meditation. Yoga helps improve physical fitness and decreases stress and anxiety. Open to all fitness levels, beginners welcome. Bring a yoga mat and water. Instructor: Colleen Stone

Thursdays 9:00-10:15 AM, Spring, 5/2-6/20


Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga done sitting on a chair or standing on the ground while using the chair for support. Benefits of chair yoga include. improved flexibility. better concentration. increased strength.

Dress in casual, comfortable clothing. All levels

Tuesdays 10:30-11:15 AM, Winter 2, 4/2-4/23

Thursdays 10:30-11:15 AM, Winter 2, 4/4-4/25     



Intro to Pickleball

Learn to play this popular racquet sport!

Saturdays 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Spring, 5/5-5/25

$55 R/$60 NR


Join Instructor Joanna Orgovan as she teaches you how to create soaps, perfumes, nail polishes and more that are free from many of the harmful chemicals used in every day brands! Please check our website (or Adaptive section) for more detailed information on the classes below!

$35 person/class

Body Butter, Monday, April 1, 6:30 PM

Uncover the secret to crafting a heavenly body butter that will pamper your skin! Simply melt natural butters and oils, then whip and cool your creation for a soft, lightweight texture. Picture a body butter that glides on smoothly, melting into your skin, and keeping it moisturized and silky all day long.

  • Age 16 to 101.
  • Make two 6-ounce containers of body butter in delicious fragrances.
  • Pick your fragrances.
  • Choose essential oils or natural fragrance oils.

Perfume/Cologne, Monday, April 15, 6:30 PM

Want to create your own unique perfume or cologne? Mix and match essential oils and natural fragrance oils to make your perfect scent. Then, add real perfumer's alcohol to create a high-end, personalized perfume that's free of harmful chemicals. Experience the perfect balance of fragrance without overwhelming your space!

  • Ages 16 to 101.
  • Make 2 bottles that are 2 ounces each of high-end perfume.
  • Pick your fragrances.
  • Color free.
  • Use an all-natural organic perfumer’s alcohol base
Triangular Stained Glass Boxes


Mini Triangular Glass Box

Make a beautiful stained glass triangular mini box. Learn how to cut glass, and assemble a glass box with a hinged lid.

Thursdays 6:30-9:00 PM, 4/4-4/25

(16+ yrs.)

$75 plus $20 material fee paid to the instructor

*For Stained Glass classes, be sure to dress comfortably, no sandals or open toed shoes, and is not recommended for pregnant women due to the chemicals.

No experience is necessary and the instructor will supply all tools, materials and equipment! Instructor Vicki Vesel. 4-person minimum.


Are you looking for some new dishes to add to your dinner line up? Maybe you want to step outside your comfort zone and learn how to cook with some new spices. Maybe you want to find some healthier meal options for yourself. Well then these classes are just what you are looking for. Join us as LaDonna from Let’s Cook, brings in her mobile kitchens and turns you into the chef. In these hands-on classes all participants will prepare their own meal from start to finish to enjoy in class as well as having leftovers for home.

Spiced Samosa Patties

This simple appetizer recipe is a delicious twist on a traditional Indian favorite. These are crispy little patties that are easy to put together using just a few ingredients and their flavor will bring pizzaz to the party.

Thursday, April 18, 6:00-7:30 PM



The Art of Perennial Gardening

Perennials are great for extending season long color to your garden. Spring perennials start blooming long before anyone would dare plant an annual and when it comes to fall color, perennials can bloom right into the cooler months. The best part is that you only plant them once - they simply sleep for the winter and emerge again as the snow melts.

Expert Growers from Maple Ridge Nursery will share secrets to successful perennial selection and growing.

All programs are hosted by Maple Ridge Nursery and Greenhouse

Children 10 and under should be accompanied by an adult.

Saturday, April 6, 1:00-2:00 PM


Old Stone School sketch

Old Stone School

Now is your chance to see the inside of Concord Township’s Old Stone School! Dan will give you a personal, guided tour of the schoolhouse and share Concord’s fascinating and charming history.

Free public tours are available on April 20th from 4:00 to 5:30 PM


Spring Bingo

Library Programs

  • Learn to use Android (April 9)
  • Learn to use iPhone (April 23)

Senior Socials

  • 1920 Cleveland Indians
  • Personal life of JD Rockefeller
  • Learn about Council on Aging
  • Spring Themed Bingo
  • Foot Care Clinic with Dr. Saxon (April 22)


Make & Take Easter Perfumes

Want to create your own unique perfume or cologne? Mix and match essential oils and natural fragrance oils to make your perfect scent. Then, add real perfumer's alcohol to create a high-end, personalized perfume that's free of harmful chemicals. Experience the perfect balance of fragrance without overwhelming your space!

  • Make 2 bottles that are 2 ounces each of high-end perfume
  • Pick your fragrances
  • Color free
  • Use an all-natural organic perfumer’s alcohol base

Monday, April 22, 6:30-8:30 PM

Ages 16 to 101


Canvas Painting Class

Painters will follow step by step instruction from leading artist, Amber from Ariel Inspired Art Studio & Gallery. Painters are encouraged to express their inner creativity while learning different painting techniques. Painters will create a bright, vibrant, unique work of art on an 8x10 canvas. Paintings dry quickly and will able to take home at the end of class. *Aprons are provided, but please keep in mind that paint will stain clothing. Dress for mess is recommended.

Tuesday, April 9, 6:30-7:30 PM

Ages 10+


Mothers Day Flower Pot Craft

Create a Mother’s Day Gift made from the heart! Decorate a planter using a host of supplies including paint, glitter ribbon, and much more! Planters, soil and spring slower are all included!

Saturday, May 4, 2:30-4:00 PM, May 4, 2:30-4:00 PM



If you have any questions about programs, please call the us at 440-639-4650


As winter ends, the Service Department will begin to ramp up the construction season. Residents will notice the crews throughout the township performing various maintenance tasks. Ditch maintenance; curb inlet repairs, cold patching, and repairing plow damage. We remind residents to please slow down and move over when approaching crews working in and along the roadway.

Beginning April 1, 2024 the Service Department will be providing the yard waste drop off. The Service Department will provide a designated material bin in the rear of the Service Department for residents to drop off their Yard Waste. Resident’s yard waste must be in biodegradable bags, no plastic or loose yard waste is permitted. Yard waste such as leaves, grass clippings, twigs and garden debris are only permitted. No brush permitted. The yard waste drop off will be available Monday –Friday from 7:30am-2:30pm and will end on June 3rd. The annual Brush Day’s collection will take place Saturday May 4th and May 18th From 7:30am -2:30pm. Residents may drop off limbs, twigs, and branches with a diameter of four inches or smaller. No stumps, pallets, contaminated material, lumber, or railroad ties are permitted.

The Concord Township Joint Road improvement project will include Viewmont Dr, Page Dr. and Winchell Rd. These projects consist of asphalt milling with depth repairs and resurfacing. Winchell Rd. will also receive culvert replacements prior to resurfacing with an asphalt intermediate layer and chip and seal with fog coating for a surface course. Along with the asphalt projects, 10 roadways that have been resurfaced in the last 3 years will receive a Reclimite asphalt rejuvenator treatment which will activate the maltenes in the asphalt and seal the roadway from water infiltration. This treatment will add longevity to the asphalt roadway. Additionally, the Service Department’s Concrete Slab replacement program will take place in several areas throughout the Township.

The Service Department reminds residents with questions or concerns to contact us at 440-350-3225 or email at concordtwp.com. The Service Department wishes all residents a safe and healthy spring.


From the Chief’s Desk

As the date for the Solar Eclipse approaches, we wanted to take a moment to update our community on the extensive planning and preparations underway by the Lake County Emergency Management Agency and Concord Township Fire Department.

For several months, our teams have been actively collaborating with numerous partners, including law enforcement agencies, fire departments, healthcare providers, transportation authorities, and others. Together, we have developed a comprehensive plan to ensure the safety and well-being of our communities during this extraordinary celestial event.

One of our primary focuses has been on traffic management, as we anticipate a significant influx of visitors to our area. With most hotels in Lake County being fully booked from April 5 to 8, it’s essential to plan ahead and anticipate potential congestion. Rest assured, the Concord Fire Department will be fully staffed on the day of the eclipse to address any emergency needs promptly.

We also want to emphasize the importance of safety during the eclipse. If you’ve purchased solar eclipse glasses, please ensure they are UL listed and made in the USA to protect your eyes from harmful rays.

In addition to our preparations for the eclipse, we want to take a moment to recognize the dedication and service of several firefighters from the Concord Township Fire Department. FF/EMT-Basic Dave Folk (20 years), FF/Medic Brian Valletto (15 years), FF/Medic Joe Gigliotti (15 years), and Inspector Brien Spangenberg (5 years) have reached significant milestones in their service to our community and organization. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to them for their years of commitment and sacrifice.

Despite the challenges posed to us by the failure of the operational levy last fall, our department has continued to serve our community diligently. The call volume for January and February alone has exceeded last year’s numbers, with Emergency Medical Services remaining our primary service delivery.

Here’s a brief summary of our call volume:

2024 Total Incidents: 515

Fires: 2.9%

Rescue & Emergency Medical Services:  65.3%

Hazardous Conditions: 2.9%

Service Calls: 16.9%

Good Intent Calls: 5.4%

False Alarm & False Calls:  6.4%

Severe Weather: 0.2%

Fire Call Summary

As we approach the Solar Eclipse event and continue to respond to emergencies, we urge everyone to stay informed, prepared, and vigilant. Together, we can ensure the safety and wellbeing of our community.

Thank you for your attention, cooperation, and support. We encourage our businesses and residents to contact Chief Sabo or Deputy Chief Biddell at (440) 354-7504 with any questions about our operations or to schedule a tour of the new firehouse.


Matt Sabo, Concord Township Fire Chief

There is still time to register for the upcoming Babysitter’s Training to be conducted on Tuesday April 16 and April 23 5:00-9:00 pm (Attendance both nights is required). Fee is $60.00  

To register email: concordfireprograms@concordtwp.com.

For more info: concordtwp.com/departments/fire/fire-education/


Does my project require zoning approval?

Planning a construction project in or around your home or yard this spring? The Zoning Inspector recommends calling and asking prior to the work being done if a zoning permit is required for your project.

The Concord website does provide detailed information on what projects need permits. Additionally, permits may be required from the Lake County Building Department for new construction, or alterations as well.


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