The Arc Maryland's Weekly Legislative Update
Week of Session: April 5 to 9, 2021
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Updates to the Maryland FY22 Budget
Last week, a conference committee, with select members of the House and Senate, made changes to the FY22 Budget Bill. Included in these changes was a requirement that the 10% increase to Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) funds attributable to the DDA must remain within the DDA.

These funds must be used for specific purposes, including a one-time retroactive rate increase for providers of community services, funding for coordinators of community supports, and self-directing participants. There are also some funds set aside for special grants and for DDA to use for administrative purposes. This funding was provided from the most recent Federal Stimulus Package, the American Rescue Plan Act. For highlights on the Budget Bill, review the document below.
Maryland Essential Workers' Act Passes in the House
Last week, the Maryland Essential Workers' Protection Act (HB0581) passed in the House with amendments. A coalition of partners representing facets of acute and long-term care presented several amendments, and The Arc is pleased that most of our concerns were addressed through the House Committee's bill changes. As the bill is next reviewed in the Senate, stakeholders expect the Senate to amend the Senate Bill to match the version passed by the House. There may be changes to the bill as it proceeds to its presumed passage, so we will continue to monitor it.
Independent Educational Evaluations Legislation (SB0371/HB0716)
Last week, the House version of Special Education - Individualized Education Programs - Educational Evaluations (HB0716) was voted favorably with amendments out of the House W&M committee. Through the course of the legislative process, the bill was amended slightly to allow schools more time (90 days) before parents would be able to seek an independent evaluation during a state of emergency. The Senate version of the bill as amended is here (SB0371). We are hopeful this important legislation will continue to proceed through to passage this week.
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Please Note: the following abbreviations identify the Legislative Committees in the Assembly:
House of Delegates:
APP - Appropriations
EMC - Economic Matters
E&T - Environment and Transportation
HGO - Health and Government Operations
JUD - Judiciary
W&M - Ways and Means
HRU - Rules and Executive Nominations
B&T - Budget and Taxation
EHEA - Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs
FIN - Finance
JPR - Judicial Proceedings
EXN - Executive Nominations
SRU - Rules