Video: Joy Hogge and Wendy Bailey - Families as Allies

Wendy Bailey, executive director of Mississippi Department of Mental Health, sat down with Families as Allies' Joy Hogge.

US v. State of Mississippi Transcript Now Available

In the recent US v. Mississippi status conference, the transcript has been made available for the public to see.

CHAMP Tele-Psychiatry Virtual Summit Wrap-Up

The CHAMP Tele-Psychiatry Virtual Summit was a success that Families of Allies was happy to partner on. Video replays available.

Supportive Coaching for Parents Supporting Other Parents - 3/17

Monthly meeting and online gathering to coach and support parents who are helping other parents in any system.

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Self-Care for Caregivers: How are you coping with COVID? - 3/17

Promoting Self-Care for CYSHCN Caregivers: How are you coping with COVID? Guest Speaker: Niketa Pechan, LCSW. March 17 at 6:00 p.m.

Virtual Family Support Meeting - Families as Allies - 3/18

Family support meeting for parents or caregivers raising a child to check in with each other, discuss problems and concerns, and support one another.

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Learning at Home - Taking My Child Out in the Community: But, Behavior! - 3/18

During this months meeting, we will discuss simple strategies to use and things to remember when taking children out in the community to stores, places of business, running errands, etc. Specifically, we will focus on behavior and how we can make outings less chaotic and more enjoyable.

What is a System of Care and How Does the Interagency Coordinating Council for Children and Youth Fit Into It? - 3/19

This webinar explains the infrastructure of Mississippi's system of care and the laws that tell how it is supposed to function.

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Utilizing PBIS at Home: Supporting Families and Students during COVID-19 - 3/22

Mississippi Parent Training and Information Center will share strategies for using Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) in the home and the home classroom. We will discuss how PBIS can be used to support and encourage appropriate behavior during this time of continued integrated learning.

Leadership Training Graduates Coaching and Support Group - 3/24

This group will focus on opportunities for leadership training graduates to serve on decision-making groups, provide coaching guidance.

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Know Your Rights: IDEA Procedural Safeguards - 3/24

Procedural safeguards may seem like a dry topic, with long explanations and terms that are useless to your family. So why is it important and how will it help your child? Procedural safeguards are the rights that protect you.

Peachjar Flyers

Wonderful service available from Mississippi State University's Psychology Clinic.

MFP Live: Dr. Nina Washington and Dr. Kimberly Smash

Dr. Nina Washington and Dr. Kimberly Smash join MFP's Kimberly Griffin and Donna Ladd to discuss COVID and the Black community.

How to Help Kids Manage Anxiety as Schools Reopen

More schools are reopening for in-person learning. Heres how to help kids navigate worries about returning to class.