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Alaska Journal of Commerce Top 40 Under 40 Recipient: Kailey Erickson 

Tanana Chiefs Conference would like to congratulate one of our Alliance members, Kailey Erickson! Kailey was announced as one of the outstanding young professionals in the 2022 Top Forty Under 40 list.

Congratulations from all of us at The Alliance, Kailey!

We will always do our best to publish upcoming events in a timely, regular manner for our newsletter subscribers. We also keep an event calendar through the Recover Alaska website that allows our partners a secondary means of sharing their event news with our community. We welcome your submissions!

JUNE 1: [Training] Lived Experience Workgroup. Zoom meeting ID: 836 9728 8721, begins at noon.

JUNE 2: [Virtual Event] Queer Masculinities. Hosted by Native Movement. Begins at 5:30 PM. Learn more here.

JUNE 2: [Virtual Event] Trauma and Addiction: Searching for Healing. Hosted by UAA, College of Health. Begins at 9 AM, prior registration required. Learn more here.

JUNE 3: [Virtual Event] Social Justice & Diversity: Addressing the Trauma in Populations at Risk. Hosted by UAA, College of Health. Begins at 9 AM, prior registration required. Learn more here.

JUNE 3: [Event] PRIDE Block Party. Hosted by Stand Up Alaska and OutNorth. Event held in downtown Anchorage on D St., between 4th and 5th avenue. Begins at 5 PM. Learn more here.

JUNE 3: [Meeting] Change 4 the Kenai Coalition. Event held in Dry Bones Coffee Shop and online. Begins at 10 AM. Zoom meeting linked here. Meeting ID is 811 8969 1530. Passcode is 944045.

JUNE 4: [Event] Out of the Darkness Community Walk. Hosted by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Event held in at the Lathrop High School in Fairbanks, begins at 11 AM. Learn more here.

JUNE 7: [Webinar] What Does It Mean to Lead in Emergent and Transformational Ways? Hosted by the Collective Impact Forum. Begins at 10 AM, prior registration required. Learn more here.

JUNE 7: [Webinar] Introduction to Behavioral Health Series. Hosted by the National American Indian & Alaska Native PTTC. Begins at 8 AM, prior registration required. Learn more here.

JUNE 8: [Training] Family & Youth Support Workgroup. Zoom meeting ID: 828 1054 6947, begins at 2 PM.

JUNE 9: [Training] Health Equity Grand Rounds ECHO. Hosted by UAA. Begins at 6 PM, prior registration required. Learn more here.

JUNE 9: [Event] Block ParTAY. Hosted by Alaska Behavioral Health and Spirit of Youth. Event held on the corner of 26th ave. and Spenard in Anchorage, begins at 4 PM. Learn more here.

JUNE 9: [Event] Sobriety Street Fair. Hosted by Tanana Chiefs Conference. Event held at the Edgar Nollner Health Center in Galena, begins at 4 PM.

JUNE 11: [Event] Juneteenth BIPOC Health Fair. Hosted by the Alaska Black Caucus. Event held at the Delany Park Strip in Anchorage, begins at 11 AM. Learn more here.

JUNE 16: [Webinar] Affirming LGBTQ+ Youth & Community. Hosted by the Prevention Technology Transfer Center Network. Prior registration required, begins at 2 PM. Learn more here.

JUNE 18: [Fundraising Event] Spin for a Cause. Hosted by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Careline Alaska, and The Cohen Clinic. Event held in downtown Fairbanks. Learn more here.

JUNE 20: [Application Deadline] RurAL CAP's Resilient Alaska Youth (RAY) AmeriCorps Program. RurAL CAP is recruiting both for staff to fill a Youth Activities Coordinator position, and partner organizations who have host a locally recruited RAY member. Learn more here.

JUNE 21: [Virtual Event] Alcohol Training Awareness Program. Hosted by the Archdiocese of New York Drug Abuse Prevention Program. Prior registration is required, space is limited. Event begins at 6:30 AM. Learn more here.

JUNE 22: [Training] Science of Stigma. Hosted by Recover Alaska. Prior registration is required, free CEUs are available. Event begins at 8:30 AM. Email to register and for more information.

JUNE 22: [Training] Navigating the Systems Workgroup. Zoom meeting ID: 839 0274 2632, begins at 2 PM.

JUNE 23: [Training] Part 2: Health Equity Grand Rounds ECHO. Hosted by UAA. Begins at 6 PM, prior registration required. Learn more here.

JUNE 25: [Fundraising Event] A Taste for Hope 2022. Hosted by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Event held at 9524 W Lake Drive in Eagle River, begins at 6 PM. Learn more here.

JUNE 27: [Event] Anchorage Reentry. Hosted by the Anchorage Reentry Coalition. Event held at the BP Energy Center in Anchorage, begins at 10 AM. Learn more here.
Stellar Group | Evaluation & Learning Workgroup: In early May, several Alliance members came together to engage in a sense-making discussion on key findings from the member survey. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey, and those who joined in the sense-making! Your input helps inform the annual evaluation and identify areas of strength and opportunities to strengthen the network even more.
Recover Alaska Represents The Alliance at Alaska Just Transition Summit

Autumn Cantu, our Youth Wellness Coordinator, attended the Alaska Just Transition Summit where she held a Recover Alaska booth. Autumn met with different organizations within Alaska, helped spread awareness about our organization, and built bridges for future Alliance members. Way to go Autumn!

In future newsletters, we hope that our Wellness section will be dedicated to sharing and promoting wellness amongst Alliance members. We encourage everyone to submit content that personally helped them to feel grounded, strong, or joyful over the last month. This can include photos taken during wellness events, tips on how to practice wellness or find inner peace, affirmations, poems, quotations, and more. We look forward to your submissions and thank you in advance for sharing!

Until next time, here is a poem from Mary Oliver. We hope that it delights you.
About The Alliance

The Alliance is a collaborative effort of multiple and diverse partners across Alaska who recognize the impacts of alcohol misuse on individuals and communities. We are personally and professionally committed to working together to address this complex problem in our state.

Our primary goal is to connect and engage communities as partners — increasing protective factors, reducing risk factors, and changing social norms — to prevent underage alcohol use and eliminate adult misuse in Alaska.

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