Aiken Summer Classics

June 14-18 and June 20-25, 2023

The Aiken Summer Classic Week 2 Wrap Up

Great Week at the Office for Daniel Geitner!

Wins the $25,000 Sidelines Grand Prix

For Immediate Release: June 26, 2023

Aiken, South Carolina

It was a great week at the office for Aiken’s own Daniel Geitner. Not only did he win the $25,000 Sidelines Grand Prix, but he also won the $7,500 Aiken Saddlery Welcome Classic, presented by Purina and placed second overall in the $20,000 Marshall & Sterling Classic Hunter Derby Finals.

Geitner won the $25,000 Sidelines Grand Prix aboard November Hill’s Vesta De Lavardin. Geitner rode four horses in the Grand Prix, but it was the seasoned 14-year-old Selle Francais mare that took the top placing.

Geitner has owned Vesta De Lavardin since she was seven and has earned major wins with her, including a couple of $100,000 Grand Prix according to Geitner.

“I’ve had her for a while, and she is my most 'winningist' Grand Prix horse I have right now. I showed her in Florida this winter and won the Grand Prix here in May at the Aiken 

Charity Show this year. We had a bit of a break before we head to Florida and I thought I’d jump her here this week as a prep for our next shows,” Geitner said.

The course was designed by Olympian Michel Vaillancourt with a first-round time set at 82 seconds. Only five horse and rider teams would advance to the jump off.

Geitner commented, “It was a great course design. Michel worked it perfectly as usual. I had a couple of less experienced horses in the class as well and while it was tough, it was not impossible.”

Chase Boggio of Canton, Georgia and his own Co Pilot were the first to go and with their clear round in a time of 42.142, set the time to beat.

Grant Seger of Aiken, South Carolina and Fox Lair Performance, LLC’s Istina Van De Kapel FLP followed in the order and grabbed the lead from Boggio with their own fault-free jump off round in 41.827 seconds. 

Geitner and Vesta De Lavardin were up next. They took the lead with a fault free round in a time of 37.988 seconds.

Holly Shepherd of Grand Bay, Alabama and War Machine, owned by Loretta Patterson followed and despite their clear round, their time of 47.172 seconds would land them in fourth overall.

Sarah Hubbard of Wellington, Florida and Hubbard Sport Horses International LLC’s Japardie sat in the enviable last to go spot. Twenty-two jump faults in a time of 60.270 seconds would see the pair finish in fifth place.

With Geitner and Vesta De Lavardin in the winner’s circle, Seger and Istina Van De Kapel FLP finished in second and Boggio with Co Pilot earned a third overall.

Geitner also earned a sixth place with Oak Ledge Farm’s Fazous as the fastest four fault first round as well as a seventh and tenth with November Hill’s Jalanne and Paige Drury’s Fernhill 13, respectively.

Tim Maddrix of Ocala, Florida rode Quina Blue PS, owned by Madeline Reich to an eighth-place finish and Hayley Waters Wear of Sparr, Florida piloted Chuck Waters’ Over Lux to a ninth-place ribbon.

Hannah Beall of Aiken, South Carolina and her own Catogi placed eleventh and Amy Krebs of Franklin, Tennessee aboard her own Jabantos wrapped up the class with a twelfth placing.

Geitner added, “It was a great show and we got lucky with the weather. It was one of the cooler Junes we have ever had in Aiken, and it was very pleasant. Even though it looked like we were going to have rain the whole time, it just rained at night. We really lucked out.”

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$20,000 Marshall & Sterling Classic Hunter Derby Finals

The highly anticipated $20,000 Marshall & Sterling Classic Hunter Derby Finals took place this week to round out the grand finale of the Classic Company 2023 season.

Riders had the opportunity to qualify since the Gulfcoast Winter Classic and overall, were provided with 10 qualifying week opportunities. All ribbon winners were offered a no entry fee admission to the Finals thanks to the support and sponsorship of Marshall & Sterling Equisport.

Amateur rider Hayley Waters Wear and Chuck Waters’ Genuine won the $20,000 Marshall & Sterling Classic Hunter Derby as well as the Marshall & Sterling 3’3” Non-Pro $1,250 Rider Bonus.

Waters Wear and Genuine qualified for the Marshall & Sterling Classic Hunter Derby Finals at the Ocala Spring Classic, earning her a free entry for the prestigious finals.

“We definitely wanted to come to the Aiken Summer Classic especially when we heard we qualified for the class. We had never been before and we just loved it,” she said. “And the Non-Pro Rider Bonus is a nice plus as an Amateur!” she added.

According to Waters Wear, she got Genuine just last January. “I started showing him in the 3’3 Greens. He is eight and doesn’t have a ton of experience but is pretty straightforward and brave. I’m lucky to ride him!"

The pair has done about five Derbies together. While Waters Wear she admitted she doesn’t have a lot of experience riding in the hunters, she commented, “I’ve never had to open a gate or jump two combinations in a single round. It was a lot of fun and a good experience for both of us,” she said,

Waters Wear plans on showing Genuine in the Amateurs this summer and said if she still has him next year, they plan on doing the first years.

Chada, owned by Tracy Grandstrand and ridden by Daniel Geitner, placed second overall. According to Geitner, “She’s a new mount for me. We actually were showing her in the Grand Prix this spring and her owner and I thought it would be fun to try some hunters. She has quickly figured that game out.”

EMO Stables’ Avila, ridden by Holly Shepherd earned a third place finish and Bugatti, owned by Liddy Strickland and ridden by Austin Cumming of Bishop, Georgia placed fourth overall.  

Duc Du Soleil, owned by Sandy Randolph and ridden by Molly Sewell of Wellington, Florida earned a fifth overall.

Sixth place honors were awarded to Kathy Chiaf’s Pendelton, ridden by Jennifer Alfano of Ocala, Florida. Alfano also piloted Chiaf’s Southside of Heaven to a seventh place overall.

Mia Bakotic’s Cadoretto, ridden by Geitner, placed eighth and Tricia Barr’s Party Started, ridden by Penny Lombardo of Loxahatchee, Florida earned ninth place.

Sewell also earned a tenth-place finish with Tracey London’s Red C and Shepherd earned an eleventh placing with EMO Stables’ Sidenote.

Valentine, owned by Liddy Strickland and ridden by Josie Evans of Covington, Georgia finished in twelfth place and also won the $1,250 Marshall & Sterling 3’ Non Pro Rider Bonus.

Cassiner, owned and ridden by Maya 'Mack' Dishmon of Winston-Salem, North Carolina won the $750 Marshall & Sterling 3’ Non Pro Rider Bonus and Anna Virginia Flock of Pace, Florida aboard her own Chimora, won the $500 Marshall & Sterling 3’ Non Pro Rider Bonus.

Lillian Geitner won the $750 Marshall & Sterling 3’3” Non-Pro Rider Bonus aboard Daniel Geitner’s Banks Mill and Callie Rheinheimer of Lebanon, Indiana won the $500 Marshall & Sterling 3’3” Non-Pro Rider Bonus with Wind Haven Farm’s Ollivander.

Classic Company President Bob Bell commented, "Marshall & Sterling's sponsorship is a true testament to their support of the sport and commitment to the development of riders and horses. We can't thank Don Graves and Marshall & Sterling enough for their sponsorship. Their support allowed us to offer the Marshall & Sterling Classic Hunter Derbies each week along with Non-Pro Riders Bonuses. We saw the best in the hunter sport compete and were able to welcome the up-and-coming hunter riders and horses. The Non-Pro Bonus truly incentivized and awarded top efforts from the juniors and amateur riders. Marshall & Sterling's sponsorship truly makes a lasting positive impact on our sport."

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$7,500 Aiken Saddlery Welcome

 presented by Purina

Daniel Geitner rode November Hill’s Jalanne to the Winner’s circle in the $7,500 Aiken Saddlery Welcome Classic, presented by Purina besting a field of fifteen horse and rider teams. With a first round time allowed of 77 seconds, eight would advance to a second round opportunity.

According to Geitner, “She’s a newer mount we bought this winter. She’s a 9-year-old and we just started doing some Grand Prix this spring when we got home from Florida. I think she is going to be a top mount-we’re hoping she is the next one for the future. She is fast and careful and a real fighter.”

Geitner and Paige Drury’s Fernhill 13 were first in the order of go. With a clear first round, the pair moved on their second round earning four jump faults in a time of 32.025 seconds.

Tim Maddrix and Meline Reich’s Quina Blue PS followed and the pair turned in double clear rounds with a second round time of 31.936 seconds, taking the lead.

The pair held the lead for four more rounds until Hayley Waters Wear with Over Lux, owned by Chuck Waters turned in double clears with a second round time of 31.565 seconds. 

Heather Hooker Boggio aboard her own Charles 82 followed in the order and posted double clear rounds with a second-round time of 33.218 seconds. The pair would finish in fourth place overall.

Sarah Hubbard and Hubbard Horses International LLC’s Japardie also posted double clears, but their second-round time in 33.680 seconds would earn them a fifth place ribbon.

The horse race continued when Geitner and Jalanne entered the arena. The pair posted double clear rounds and a lightning fast second round in 30.205 seconds and took the lead.

Leigh Anne Hartrampf and Covert Equestrian’s Klair HBC followed Geitner but despite their fault free rounds, their second-round time of 36.335 seconds would see the pair finish in sixth place.

Amy Krebs and her own Jabantos were the last horse and rider team to advance to a second-round opportunity. Four jump faults in a time of 32.181 seconds earned them an eighth place finish.

With Geitner and Jalanne in the winner’s circle, Waters Wear and Over Lux took second place. Third was awarded to Tim Maddrix and Quina Blue PS. Geitner and Fernhill 13 earned a seventh-place finish and Shoshana Altschuler of Wilmington, Delaware aboard her own Gloria Van Het Kapelhof finished in ninth. Ashley Peters of Mansfield, Georgia rode her own Quallie to a tenth placing and Jen Hauser of Birmingham, Alabama rode Lori Lynn Davis’ Luau Cove CSF to an eleventh placing. Tristan Kaye of Boynton Beach, Florida and his own Chilli Pepper’s Girl wrapped the class up with a twelfth place. 

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$2,500 USHJA Pony Hunter

Crossing Borders for Competition

Wishlea Star Song, owned by Wynmore Farm LLC and ridden by 9 year old Charlotte Morassutti of Ontario, Canada won the $2,500 USHJA Pony Hunter with an overall score of 165, besting a field of nineteen.

This was the first time Morassutti had been to Aiken. “It was really nice, and I knew a lot of the other kids from the horse shows,” she said.

Morassutti started riding Wishy [Wishlea Star Song] in December. According to Morassutti, “Wishy isn’t hard to ride. When I first started to ride her, she was a little spooky in our indoor at home. But in about a week she was fine.” Her father Taylor commented, “She’s a great mare and the best one we have ever had. She loves her job and loves to jump. She has an auto lead change and honestly if ever there was a pony who loves to be in the ring, it’s her. She is always the same pony for every trip. She’s phenomenal and we feel very lucky to have her.”

Charlotte has her goals on qualifying for indoors and said that the Aiken Summer Classic and the USHJA Pony Hunter Derby Championship was a good prep for Pony Finals.

Charlotte started riding three years ago and was doing cross rails. She is part of a riding family. According to her father, “Her grandmother is in her 60s and still jumping 3’.” Her father rode western, and her mother is currently taking riding lessons, “but at a different barn” clarified Charlotte. Charlotte’s younger sister also shows ponies in Canada.

Although Charlotte has three ponies total, she keeps Wishy with Jenn Taylor in the summer months. “I love getting to train Charlotte when she is in the States,” commented Taylor. “It is a privilege and a pleasure!”

According to Charlotte’s father Taylor, “We are probably showing in the States twice a month. Ohio in January, Ocala in February and March, April we were in North Carolina, May we were in Kentucky and at Devon and at Aiken in June.”

Blue a Kiss, owned by Ashbrook Boyd and ridden by Emma Barsosky of Charlotte, North Carolina earned a second place finish with an overall score of 163.

BWI Ranch 1, LLC’s Whinny the Blue, ridden by Ivy Smith of Charlotte, North Carolina placed third overall for their score of 158.5.

Alston Mclane of Birmingham, Alabama rode her own Gryffindor to a fourth place finish and her own Bluebird Matthew to a sixth placing for their overall scores of 158 and 155.5, respectively. 

Prince Poppings, owned and ridden by Rileygrace Mckinnon of Bluffton, South Carolina earned a fifth place for their combined score of 157. Girl on Fire, owned and ridden by Frances Kelly of Charlotte, North Carolina placed seventh with their overall score of 153.

Gold Standard Equestrian’s Wisewood Willy Wonka ridden by Ariana Altschuler of Wilmington, Delaware placed eighth with an overall score of 152.5. 

GC Ponies, LLC’s Etch-A-Sketch, ridden by Anna Tyler of Raleigh, North Carolina earned a ninth place finish with their score of 151,

GC Ponies, LLC’s D’Artagnan SCR from PHDF, ridden by Charlotte Clegg of Hillsborough, North Carolina finished in tenth place and Gillian Grafton’s Arnaby Mighty Mouse, ridden by Tinsley Saunders of Knoxville, Tennessee earned an eleventh placing. Tartufo, owned and ridden by Hailey Holmberg of Naples, Florida wrapped up the class with a twelfth placing.

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$1,000 NAL/WIHS Adult Amateur Hunter Classic presented by Perfect Products

Liddy Strickland’s Valentine, ridden by Josie Evans of Covington, Georgia won the $1,000 NAL/WIHS Adult Hunter Classic, presented by Perfect Products besting a field of seventeen horse and rider teams.

Evans commented, “Valentine and I put in our two best rounds of the weekend to win the Adult Hunter Classic as well as winning the Championship in the Younger Adult Hunters. He [Valentine] is so special to me and I’m thankful to his owner Liddy and Pecan Lane Farm to be able to show him!” 

Party Started, owned and ridden by Tricia Barr of Wellington, Florida placed second and Jennifer Morris of Aiken, South Carolina rode her own Staros to a third-place finish.

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Like Father Like Daughter:

Lillian Geitner Wins the $2,000 Schneiders Saddlery NAL/Jr/Am Jumper Classic 1.25

Lillian Geitner of Aiken, South Carolina in the irons of Fernando Cardenas’ Dale Car won the $2,000 NAL/Jr/Am Jumper Classic 1.25 m, presented by Schneiders Saddlery besting a field of fourteen horse and rider teams.

The second-round time to beat was set at 48 seconds which turned into 36.597 seconds after the first horse and rider team of Amy Krebs and her own Play to Win, posted their second round. 

Chase Boggio of Canton, Georgia and Leigh Anne Hartrampf’s Omega T followed with a fast second round in 36.299 seconds and took the lead. Two rounds later, Lillian Geitner and Dale Car set the new time to beat at 31.782 seconds, taking the lead.

“We just got her a little bit before May I think,” said Geitner. “When we first got her, I thought she had a lot of blood and well, she was ‘a lot’. I was even a little intimidated. But I was used to riding my dad’s old jumpers. My Dad’s old grand prix horse is in his twenties, and he was my first jumper. I had to wear these ginormous spurs because we were so slow. He was the best first jumper for me. So, this was a really different ride for me,” she said.

“When she first got to the farm, I rode her, and she felt so fast. I was like ‘whoa’ but my mom said, ‘trust me, she’s fine’.”

“The jumpers I rode were such kick arounds and my mom said that I needed to learn to ride a horse with a little blood. So now I really think I prefer this sort of ride. When she [Dale Car] walks into the ring, she is just on. Her footwork is crazy awesome. If it’s a tight distance or a long one, she just moves her feet so fast. She kind of just does it all honestly and is really a cool horse,” she said.

Despite three additional clear second rounds, none could catch Geitner and Dale Car.

Final results had Geitner and Dale Car in the winner’s circle with Maddie Tosh and Julia Curtis’ Kennedy VD Rechri in second place. Third place was awarded to Chase Boggio and Omega T. Play to Win and Amy Krebs finished in fourth and Hayley Waters Wear rode Quenelle VD Berghoeve, owned by Chuck Waters to a fifth place ribbon. Sherri Jamison of Ocala, Florida and her own Boleybawn Rolo earned a seventh place finish.

Geitner also added, “I love showing at the Classic Company shows. They’re so much fun.” 

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About Schneiders Saddlery

Schneider’s Saddlery is a proud sponsor of the Aiken Summer Classic and the $2,000 JR/AM Jumper Classic 1.25 m.

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$1,500 NAL/WIHS Child and Adult Jumper Classic 1.10 m

presented by Barb Gould Uskup and Carolina Real Estate

Audrey Rappaport of Raleigh, North Carolina and Infinitty Farm’s Arena Hero Z won the $1,500 NAL/WIHS Child Jumper Classic 1.10 m presented by Barb Gould Uskup and Carolina Real Estate.

First to go was Andrea Mujica of Milton, Georgia aboard VDL Endorado Ryal K, owned by Seale Horses, LLC. The pair set the second-round time to beat at 32.870 seconds. None of the following horse and rider teams could beat that time, despite turning in clear second rounds. That is until Rappaport and Arena Hero Z had their turn at the course. The pair posted double clear rounds and a second-round time of 31.203 seconds and won the class.

Rappaport has been riding Arena [Arena Hero Z] for about three months. “I started in the 1 m and we just moved up to the 1.10 m at our last horse show before the Aiken Summer Classic. She’s a thirteen-year-old mare and has jumped big in Europe. She wins everything,” said Rappaport. She’s very quick and careful. She’s super sweet on the ground and loves to cuddle and have treats. But when you ride her, she puts on her game face and really wants to win. She really is the best of both worlds,” she said.

Rappaport has been riding for JF Gagne International Sporthorses for over a year. “JF told me that he had a spot open for a working student and after begging my mom, she finally agreed to let me have this opportunity." Rappaport opted to study online for a year and just recently graduated from high school with plans on taking a gap year before heading to San Diego State. “When I was attending regular high school, I only got to ride about three times a week and would just lease a horse. This opportunity has allowed me more time in the saddle and the opportunity to ride a lot of great horses,” she said.

Rappaport works with JF Gagne International Sporthorses in the Aiken area for half the year and then their barn heads to Ocala for the winter.

Final result saw Mujica and VDL Endorado Ryal K in second place and Katherine Smith of Aiken, South Carolina with her own Jever Blue in third.

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MTM Through the Looking Glass Win the $1,500 NAL/WIHS Adult Jumper Classic 1.10 m

Lynn Seithel of Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina rode Davenport Farms’ MTM Through the Looking Glass to a first-place finish in the $1,500 NAL/WIHS Adult Jumper Classic 1.10m presented by Barb Gould Uskup and Carolina Real Estate.

Seithel sat in the second to last go position in the class out of a field of twenty horse and rider teams. The second-round time had been set by Rebecca Jones of Durham, North Carolina with her own Festival De Vallery. No one could beat their second round time of 33.609 seconds. That is until Seithel and MTM Through the Looking Glass turned in their own fault free second round in a time of 33.179 seconds which moved Jones and Festival De Vallery into second place.

According to Seithel’s trainer Daniel Geitner, “Lynn rode really well and fast today. Through the Looking Glass is a new horse for her and I’m very happy with how they did.”

Third place was awarded to Jessica Chappell of Warrenton, Virginia and her own Bryn Taran Laurel for posting a clear second round in a time of 33.787 seconds,

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About Barb Gould and Carolina Real Estate

Barb Gould Uskup is an Aiken, South Carolina real estate who grew up with a passion for horses starting at the early age of two. She went on to compete in show jumping, advancing to US and International Circuits and eventually a World Cup Final in Tampa, Florida in 1989. Uskup eventually started playing polo in 1998 and continues to do so today.

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Social Scene

Thank you to Loretta Patterson and Accolade Farm for sponsoring the big Friday night exhibitor party at the Aiken Summer Classic. Everyone had a great time!

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Stately longleaf pines border the field, slowly giving way to the towering live oaks that line the short drive down Powderhouse Road and South Boundary Avenue to Aiken’s charming downtown district, known for its vibrant cultural scene and boutique shopping, dining, and nightlife attractions. Historic hotels provide accommodation in the heart of downtown, and an easy, inviting pace pervades the cosmopolitan yet relaxed atmosphere. 

On the way downtown from Bruce’s Field, one will pass the Aiken Training Track, Powderhouse polo fields, hoof-friendly clay roads, and historic winter colony homes and stables. Largely unchanged over the last century, these are the sights of a unique way of living, timelessly preserved in the heart of a modern town.

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