Aiken Summer Classics

June 14-18 and June 20-25, 2023

The Aiken Summer Classic Week 1 Wrap Up

Flying Flynn! Welcome to America!

For Immediate Release: June 19, 2023

Aiken, South Carolina

Ciaran Flynn just arrived in the US in May from County Kerry, Ireland and the Aiken Summer Classic marked his first Grand Prix win on American soil with Apex Equestrian Center’s Bagheera De Jaldis.

Flynn, now residing in Apex, North Carolina bested a field of nineteen horse and rider teams over a course designed by Steve Stephens.

With a first-round time set at 80 seconds, only four would qualify for the jump off round with a time allowed of 48 seconds.

Grant Seger of Aiken, South Carolina aboard Elizabeth Patrick’s Cailan WEF was the first to tackle the jump off round and posted a time of 51.709 seconds with four jump and four time faults.

Following in the order, Daniel Geitner of Aiken, South Carolina and Oak Ledge Farm’s Fazous, posted a four fault jump off round with a time of 35.974 seconds and took the lead.

The lead was short lived after Maddison Kondracki of Deland, Florida, aboard her own E Storm Cat, posted a fault free round in a time of 42.251 seconds.

Sitting in the enviable last to go spot, Ciaran Flynn and Bagheera De Jaldis turned in a fault free round in a time of 41.643 seconds securing the win and moving Kondracki and E Storm Cat to a second placing.

“When I walked the course, it was built quite big with some tricky lines, but it was fair. The oxer up to the first double and the skinny up to the other double gave a lot of people some trouble. It was clever course designing and there were faults were everywhere but if you rode well, it was a very jumpable course. My horse is fairly straight forward to ride and while he may not be the quickest, he jumps really well,” said Flynn.

“The standard of riding over here is very impressive. It’s good to ride against talented competition. I think it makes me focus more when I put myself up against the best,” he added.

“I’m loving being here in America. I’ve only been here for about a month but riding for Apex Equestrian so far has been really good. They have a really fun, all-around atmosphere. I love the family and they really want what is best for the horses and their riders,” he added.

Geitner and Fazous finished up in third place overall. Geitner also took sixth and seventh placings with November Hill’s Jalanne and Vesta De Lavardon, respectively, for their four fault first rounds. Seger and Cailan WEF finished in fourth.

Holly Shepherd of Grand Bay, Alabama aboard Loretta Patterson’s Warmachine finished in fifth place for their 80.572 first round which earned them one time fault.

Hayle Waters Wear of Sparr, Florida and Overlux, owned by Chuck Waters, earned an eighth place finish for their four fault first round in a time of 76.110 seconds. Sarah Hubbard of Wellington, Florida and Hubbard Horses International, LLC’s Japardie placed ninth with their four fault first round in a time of 76.913 seconds.

Hannah Beall of Aiken, South Carolina and her own Catogi finished in tenth place after earning four faults in their first round with at time of 74.468 seconds.

Tim Maddrix of Ocala, Florida and Madeline Reich’s Quina Blue PS finished in eleventh place and Morgane Qualls of Loxahatchee, Florida took twelfth place with her own Favorite D’Armanville.

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$7,500 Aiken Saddlery Welcome

 presented by Purina

Hannah Beall and Catogi Celebrate First Welcome Win

Hannah Beall rode her own Catogi to the winner’s circle in the $7,500 Aiken Saddlery Welcome, presented by Purina, besting a field of eighteen horse and rider teams.

With a first-round time allowed of 76 seconds, ten advanced to a second-round opportunity with a time allowed of 48 seconds. First to go in the order, Grant Seger and Elizabeth Patrick's Cailan WEF turned in a clear second round with a time of 39.723 seconds, setting the new time to beat.

Holly Shepherd and Loretta Patterson’s Warmachine followed, and their second-round time of 38.544 seconds took the lead.

The horse race continued when Tim Maddrix and Quina Blue PS, turned in their fault free second round in a time of 37.261 seconds and took the lead.

Sarah Hubbard and Japardie followed Maddrix and Quina Blue PS with a second-round time of 37.831 seconds and four jump faults. The pair would finish in eighth place.

Beall and Catogi were up next and their fault free time in 36.552 seconds took the lead.  Beall commented, “That was my second welcome stake and my first welcome win. I’m very lucky to have her as my grand prix horse.”

Seger returned to the ring, this time in the irons of Fox Lair Performance, LLC’s Istina Van De Kapel FLP. Four jump faults in a time of 42.021 seconds would see the pair finish in ninth overall.

Flynn and Apex Equestrian Center’s Bagheera De Jaldis turned in a fault free second round in a time of 40.242 seconds which earned them a sixth place. Shepherd and Loretta Patterson’s HJ Hercules followed and turned in a clear second round in a time of 39.857 seconds which placed them fifth overall.

Hayley Waters Wear sat in the enviable last to go position with Chuck Waters’ Over Lux. Despite a fault free round second round, their time of 40.895 seconds awarded them a seventh overall.

With Beall and Catogi as victorious, Maddrix and Quina Blue PS finished in second and Shepherd and Warmachine took third place. Seger and Cailan WEF finished in fourth place.

According to Beall, “Gia [Catogi] was originally my trainer Grant Seger’s horse. I’ve had her for about two years and she has taken me from jumping 1 m to 1.40 m! Grant jumped his first Grand Prix with her and I jumped my first grand prix with her. She is a special mare."

“She can be strong but she’s pretty simple and loves to jump. You just point her to the fence, and she’ll just take you to it. When you make the jump off round, you just let her go and she knows exactly what to do. She’ll leave out strides and just make it all work. While she just turned 14 and is a little on the older side, I know she’ll be jumping the rest of her life because it’s her favorite thing in the world to do,” said Beall.

“It’s been a really great horse show and I couldn’t have expected much else for my first Grand Prix. I’m so pleased and happy with how she jumped. Every day she jumps better and better. We’re looking forward to showing here in the Welcome and Grand Prix next week!” she added.

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$10,000 Open Hunter Classic

Magnolia Lane Stables, LLC’s Coltrane, piloted by Daniel Geitner earned the blue ribbon in the $10,000 Open Hunter Classic, besting a field of twenty horse and rider teams.

Coltrane and Geitner won last year’s $15,000 Marshall & Sterling Hunter Classic which marked only the second Derby Coltrane had ever competed in.

EMO Stables’ Avila, ridden by Holly Shepherd placed second and Shepherd also earned a sixth placing aboard EMO’s Sidenote.

Sadie Furr’s Maverick, ridden by Michael Britt-Leon of Alpharetta, Georgia, earned third overall. Britt-Leon also finished in ninth place with Kelly Sims’ Bacchus.

Kathy Chiaf’s Pendleton and Southside of Heaven placed fourth and fifth, respectively, ridden by Jennifer Alfano of Ocala, Florida. Alfano also rode her own Ivy League to a twelfth-place finish.

Steven Bluman’s Chaccos Star TW, ridden by Eleese Shillingford of Alpharetta, Georgia, earned a seventh-place ribbon and Michelle Guardino’s Candid Traveler placed eighth with Tim Maddrix of Ocala, Florida in the irons.

Genuine, owned by Chuck Waters and ridden by Hayley Waters Wear finished in tenth place and Mandy Lynch of Aiken, South Carolina rode her own Monster to an eleventh placing.

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$5,000 Marshall & Sterling Classic Hunter Derby Including Non-Pro Rider Bonus

Alfono pilots Lincoln to first Derby Win

As the final qualifying class for the upcoming $20,000 Marshall & Sterling Classic Hunter Derby including Non-Pro Rider Bonus, forty-five horse and riders vied for a ribbon and a chance to enter this week’s finals for no entry fee.

Leading the pack was Sharon O Neill and Kathy Chiaf's Lincoln, ridden by Jennifer Alfano of Ocala, Florida. Alfano and Lincoln won and earned a waived entry fee for next week.

According to Alfano, “Lincoln is a young horse and fairly new to me. I’ve had him 3 or 4 months and that was his first Derby. He really stepped up to the plate first time out. The course was rode very well and I liked how it was so inviting for a young horse. I’m looking forward to showing him in the Finals here next week,” she added.

This was the first Marshall & Sterling Classic Hunter Derby Alfano has ridden in. “I really liked the class. I think it’s great to offer a Non-Pro Rider Bonus. While the Juniors and Amateurs can beat the professionals, it’s nice to give them an incentive to enter the class. It’s a great idea,” she said.

Kelly Sims’ Private Collection earned a second-place finish under the guidance of Michael Britt-Leon. 

Mia Bakotic’s Cadoretto, ridden by Daniel Geitner placed third and his daughter, Lillian Geitner, rode Banks Mill, owned by David, to a fourth placing. Lillian also won the $500 Marshall & Sterling 3’3” Non-Pro Rider Bonus.

To be Frank, owned by EMO Stables and ridden by Holly Shepherd placed fifth overall.

Eleese Shiffingford rode her own Odyssey to a sixth-place finish and also won the $300 Marshall & Sterling 3’3 Non-Pro Rider Bonus. Ryan Kenny of Alpharetta, Georgia earned a seventh placing aboard Britt-Leon’s MF Starboy and also won the $500 Marshall & Sterling 3’ Non Pro Rider Bonus.

Hayley Waters Wear rode Genuine, owned by Chuck Waters to an eighth placing and also won the $200 Marshall & Sterling 3’3” Non-Pro Rider Bonus.

Jole Kosloske’s Santino, ridden by Isaac Leffkowitz of Ocala, Florida placed ninth and Gigi Phillips of Charlotte, North Carolina rode her own Thunderbird to a tenth placing.

CRF Carlitos, owned by Jimmy Fletcher and ridden by Adam Edgar of Leesburg, Virginia finished in eleventh place and Spectre 007, owned and ridden by Ansley Sparks wrapped the class up with a twelfth place.

Celia Cram of Aiken, South Carolina aboard Highfields, LLC’s Captain WH, won the $300 Marshall & Sterling 3’ Non-Pro Rider Bonus and Lauren Avery Toy of Waxhaw, North Carolina won the $200 Marshall & Sterling Non-Pro Rider Bonus with her own O-Quito Van Het Panishof.

“It was great to see such a huge turnout for our last qualifying Marshall & Sterling Classic Hunter Derby prior to the Finals next week,” commented Bob Bell, President of the Classic Company. “Only seventeen of the riders were professionals which shows that the non-pro rider bonus and the opportunity to grow the hunter sport has benefitted from Marshall & Sterling’s sponsorship of this important event,” he said.

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$1,000 NAL/WIHS Adult Amateur Hunter Classic presented by Perfect Products

Confringo, owned and ridden by Amanda Middelthon of Atlanta, Georgia, won the $1,000 NAL/WIHS Adult Hunter Classic, prsented by Perfect Products besting a field of twenty-four horse and rider teams.

Bacchus, owned by Kelly Sims and ridden by Jordan Carlson took home second place honors and Anna Watkins rode her own Daedalus to a third placing.

Golden Hour, owned and ridden by Mark Dorfman finished in fourth place. Ava Svatos rode Cavalier, owned by Wesley Smith to a fifth place and earned a sixth aboard Andrea Guzinski’s Hitchcock.

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$2,000 Schneiders Saddlery NAL JR/AM Jumper Classic 1.25 m

Patience Pays Off for Jamison

Sherri Jamison of Ocala, Florida and her own Stakkablue won the $2,000 Schneiders Saddlery NAL JR/AM Jumper Classic 1.25 m. The pair were one of only two horse and rider teams to turn in double clear rounds finishing with a second-round time of 40.871 seconds.

According to Jamison, “I just love this horse so much. When I got him he was a bit crazy. He is very sensitive and although I don’t know what his back history is-whether he was pushed too hard or not loved enough-I don’t know. But I do know that now he gets whatever he was missing from me.”

Jamison has owned him for three and a half years. “When I first tried him out, I didn’t even canter because he was so ‘psychotic’. It took a year or a year and a half for me to jump any bigger jumps,” she said. Jamison dedicated the time and patience to bring him along after jumping many small jumps to get him where he is today. “He is ultra careful. Even though over the winter we did 1.30 m, since this was a new place for us and we’ve never been to Aiken before, I did the 1.25 m.”

Jamison also placed third with her own Boleybawn Rolo for their four fault second round in 42.142 seconds. This is the first time Jamison has shown Boleybawn. “I just bought him a couple of weeks ago. Hayley Waters showed him and I thought he was really interesting. I was able to buy him and now I think he’s a little nicer than I thought he was initially; we’re getting along really well,” she said.

“We [Boleybawn Rolo] made it to the jump off round and the only reason I had a rail was because I let the reins slip out of my hands heading toward the second jump. I was literally on the buckle,” she laughed. “I thought ‘well, this isn’t good’ and I know we would have done better but I was just struggling with the reins for some reason.”

Final results had Maddie Tosh aboard Julia Curtis’ Kennedy VD Rechri in second place for their four fault jump off round in 40.608 seconds. 

Amy Krebs and her own Play to Win earned a fourth-place finish for their four fault second round in 43.752 seconds. In fifth place was Lillian Geitner and Fernando Cardenas’ Dale Car and sixth was awarded to Haley Bootle and her own Astaire.

Jamison added, “This was the first time we showed in Aiken. It's an absolutely beautiful facility. I’m heading back to Ocala now but will be back on Friday,” she said.

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About Schneiders Saddlery

Schneider’s Saddlery is a proud sponsor of the Aiken Summer Classic and the $2,000 JR/AM Jumper Classic 1.25 m.

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$1,500 Child/Adult Jumper 1.10 m

presented by Carolina Real Estate

Hannah Banks of Birmingham, Alabama rode her own Ghiradelli to the winner’s circle in the $1,500 1.10 m Childrens Jumper Classic, presented by Carolina Real Estate and Barb Gould Uskup.

Banks commented, "We just got her last September from Daniel Geitner and she knows everything about Aiken. She really felt at home and gave me her best. The course was definitely challenging but doable. She knows and loves her job!"

Banks posted double clear rounds with a second-round time of 30.400 seconds which secured her win. This was Banks' first time showing at the Aiken Summer Classic.

Grace Ann Nolan won the $1,500 Adult Jumper Classic 1.10 m with her own Malbay Dreamer.

About Barb Gould and Carolina Real Estate

Barb Gould Uskup is an Aiken, South Carolina real estate who grew up with a passion for horses starting at the early age of two. She went on to compete in show jumping, advancing to US and International Circuits and eventually a World Cup Final in Tampa, Florida in 1989. Uskup eventually started playing polo in 1998 and continues to do so today.

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Social Scene

Everyone is having a great time at the Aiken Summer Classic!

Highlights for Week 2:

Week Two - June 20-25, 2023

• $5,000 USHJA Pony Derby Finals East Coast Championships, presented by Butet.

• $20,000 Marshall & Sterling Classic Hunter Derby Finals

• $7,500 Aiken Saddlery Welcome Class, presented by Purina.

• $25,000 Sidelines Grand Prix

About Bruce’s Field at the Aiken Horse Park

Nestled in the heart of Aiken’s historic district, Bruce’s Field at the Aiken Horse Park offers an unparalleled experience of premier equestrian facilities with the comfort and charm of an iconic Southern town.

Bruce’s Field rests at the intersection of the best Aiken has to offer. Its premier facilities and rich heritage provide an unmatched hospitality for horse and rider alike. Sitting upon sixty-six acres of grass field, the Horse Park enjoys an open and spacious atmosphere, with plenty of room inviting horses and riders to stretch their legs outside of the rings.

Stately longleaf pines border the field, slowly giving way to the towering live oaks that line the short drive down Powderhouse Road and South Boundary Avenue to Aiken’s charming downtown district, known for its vibrant cultural scene and boutique shopping, dining, and nightlife attractions. Historic hotels provide accommodation in the heart of downtown, and an easy, inviting pace pervades the cosmopolitan yet relaxed atmosphere. 

On the way downtown from Bruce’s Field, one will pass the Aiken Training Track, Powderhouse polo fields, hoof-friendly clay roads, and historic winter colony homes and stables. Largely unchanged over the last century, these are the sights of a unique way of living, timelessly preserved in the heart of a modern town.

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