August 31, 2021
Monthly News & Updates
The African American Wellness Project (AAWP) is excited to announce that we have received a community service grant from a new funder, the CHEST Foundation. The CHEST Foundation is dedicated to helping patients better understand their lung conditions and the treatment options that are available to them. AAWP will be working to provide lung health education to at-risk communities through digital education on lung disease, with a variety of podcasts, livestream events and town halls. Stay tuned to learn more and if you are interested in helping us further advance our further, please reach out via email at
Meet The Team: Director of Resource Development
Dr. Chanda Nicole Holsey serves as AAWP's Director of Resource Development. She earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology at San Diego State University, a Master of Public Health in Behavioral Science and Health Education from the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University, and a Doctor of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Holsey has trained widely on the topic of pediatric asthma education and management and has developed several publications and professional presentations in the areas of Asthma management, pediatric Asthma, maternal and child health, chronic disease prevention, health disparities research, and health education

Dr. Holsey brings years of experience in public health program management and execution, curriculum design and implementation. She has planned, implemented, and evaluated local and national health promotion programs and is an experienced grant writer. She has written competitive programmatic and independent medical education grants, and successfully secured funds from foundations, pharmaceutical companies, non-profit organization, and government agencies.
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Remember you can support AAWP through Amazon Smile while you are back to school shopping this year. Shopping with AAWP as your charity of choice on AmazonSmile means that a portion of your purchase price will be automatically donated to our organization! You don’t need to make a new account, simply click the link above or log into using your existing Amazon account, select the African American Wellness Project as your charity of choice and shop! Every penny counts for us, and helps us advance our mission. THANK YOU for your support.
AAWP President & Founder Participates in
2021 NMA Virtual Convention & Scientific Assembly
Last month, the National Medical Association hosted the nation's foremost forum on African American Health, during which Dr. LeNoir past NMA President and current AAWP President and Founder moderated a number of panels.
During this Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Symposium, Dr. LeNoir addressed racism and its impact on Asthma outcomes. He also moderated a panel on the Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccinations and participated in the Asthma Summit that addressed Asthma in urban cities that featured other Asthma specialists. More convention content can be accessed at this link.
National Immunization Month More Timely
Than Ever!
This month AAWP recognized National Immunization Month and prioritized content that acknowledged the necessity of vaccinations for people of all ages. Vaccines protect us from a number of serious diseases that exist and have the risk of outbreak. Non-vaccinated people run the risk of contracting serious diseases and spreading them to others, so staying up-to-date on your vaccinations is recommended throughout our entire lives. Visit the AAWP website for more resources.
FDA Releases Vaccine PSA & FAQs
Still undecided on the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine? If you or a loved one have lingering questions about the vaccines, the FDA has also compiled frequently asked questions for the PfizerModerna, and Janssen vaccines. Click any of the above links to get your questions answered. You can also watch their short PSA about COVID-19 vaccines, safety and diversity here. Do your part and keep up with your vaccines, for the health of everyone!
CDC Offers Back to School Tips During COVID
It is critically important to consider the health and well-being of students returning back to school in the midst of COVID. Click here to learn what parents can do to ensure a successful in person school year.
Delta Variant and Minority Communities
Earlier this month, New York City announced a proof of vaccination requirement for indoor spaces, including restaurants, gyms and other inside venues. This new mandate is raising questions about who could be negatively impacted by the mandate.

The data on vaccine uptake in New York shows that Black residents make up the lowest number of those vaccinated, at only 31%. Latino residents are only up slightly, at 42%. Click the link above to read more about how this mandate might cause unintended harm to minority communities.
Subscribe to the New AAWP You Tube Channel
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We have been working to revamp our YouTube channel to provide our viewers with up to date informational videos. Check out our channel to view recent PSAs and Wellness Watch segments with Dr. LeNoir and special guests.
Wellness Watch: Students, Sports & COVID
In a recent segment of Wellness Watch, Dr. LeNoir was joined by Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin, a nutrition specialist and expert on successful aging. This episode of the show focused entirely on aging successfully and how to increase your health span. Click the link above to watch a recording and remember to follow our Facebook page to catch future Wellness Watch segments!
AAWP Releases New Ethnic Health Report
Dr. LeNoir has developed a video series, the Ethnic Health Report, that updates minorities on relevant topics. The first episode is live and is centered around the COVID-19 variants, as well as breast cancer in Black women.
The National Black Nurses Association to Host
"Real Talk" Panel
The National Black Nurses Association is hosting a panel on Institutional Racism and Resiliency featuring AAWP Board member Kim Scott.

Register here to attend on Thursday, September 30th.

The event will also feature readings from the authors of the book The Diaries of a Resilient Black Nurse.
Black Doctors Speak Podcast Highlights the Linkage Between Diabetes and Foot Health
Earlier this month, Dr. LeNoir was joined by Dr. Michael A DiGiacomo, a Podiatry Specialist in Oakland, California with more than 46 years of diverse experience in Podiatry. 

Remember the Black Doctors Speak Podcast is available on all podcast platforms and addresses a variety of medical topics that are relevant to the Black community.
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Founded more than a decade ago, the African-American Wellness Project (AAWP) was formed to respond to inequities in the healthcare delivery system and is committed to improving the way in which African Americans interact with the healthcare system. AAWP is a “good prescription” for the health of Black Americans and is committed to informing minorities about how to take charge of the healthcare system in order to get the best health care possible.
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