At the heart of the Harford Center is community. The Harford Center not only embraces its community, we also advocate for our members. This month has been very successful in terms of getting our participants, Harford County citizens with disabilities, and our partners vaccinated. Through two collaborations, we have been able to offer the vaccine to all our participants, all our staff, and community members in Phase 1 of Maryland’s vaccination plan. On March 17, St. Patty’s Day, we donned our green and many members were welcomed at the health department’s vaccine clinic. Old friends were reunited and many celebrated getting vaccinated. Thank you to the Harford County Health Department for its commitment to equity and access for people with disabilities. On March 25/26, the Harford Center coordinated a large-scale vaccination clinic in partnership with Rite-Aid, Service Coordination, and the Developmental Disabilities Administration to offer 300 vaccines to Harford Center participants, their caretakers, essential staff, and community members in Phase One. We were so excited to be a part of the State and County’s “stop the spread” efforts. The Harford Center and its Board of Directors recognize that, through the strong partnerships that we have, the needs of people with disabilities are always at the forefront in our community.

A common question that is arising is “When is the Harford Center re-opening?” To that, I say, we NEVER closed. We have not missed a day of service in the long year of the pandemic. Over the past year, we have had small groups in the building, participated in community activities, provided virtual supports, and supported individuals in their homes. We are in the process of a slow and safe re-entry plan for those individuals who were unable to receive services. With most of our participants and their caregivers vaccinated, we are excited to welcome back some familiar faces. If you have questions about when you or your loved one can return, please reach out to a team member to discuss your individualized re-entry plan. We understand that this pandemic has taken a different toll on everyone. Our commitment is to create an individualized re-entry plan in conjunction with the person supported, his/her team, and the Harford Center. The goal is that everyone feels heard, feels safe, and can return in a planned way.

With Spring coming, hope is growing. I look forward to seeing all of you very soon.

Sherry Nolte, LCSW-C
Executive Director