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What's the Next Big Thing?

It is fun to see all of the new gadgets when reading the reviews from the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) that is held in Las Vegas every January. At the same time, it is a bit intimidating as to how far some technology is developing such as Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). All of the new robots that can do things on command for you, from cleaning your BBQ to mowing your lawn are amazing, as is the Amazon Echo that is popping up in everyone's home.

All these advancements are great for our industry as more electronics just means more circuit boards in our daily lives. These types of devices generally lead to advancements in flexible circuitry, as well as HDI as devices get smaller and thinner. Manufacturers will look for new ways to miniaturize all of their parts including the circuitry.

A new area which has re-emerged, that may be of interest for these growing fields, is 3D molded interconnecting devices. This technology was introduced back in the 1980's but faced many challenges that have been addressed. These are very interesting devices as they are single component which consolidate circuitry and reduce parts. You are able to make a single device instead of exhausting multiple moving pieces. The 3D structure poses many obvious manufacturing challenges but the rewards are enormous.

Taiyo is working in many areas to find solutions for these growing markets like Robotics.  Our efforts in developing new products for flexible substrates as well as 3D molding are in progress and will be available to the market in the near future!

For more information about flexible solder mask or 3D molding please contact  Taiyo America for the latest developments on these fascinating technologies.

The Added Cost of Scrap

Two years ago at the EIPC summer conference I gave a presentation titled "Improved Profitability".  What this presentation was really discussing was the added cost of scrap.   What this presentation was really, really about was doing things right the first time.  This usually entails utilizing best practices and best products.  It's all about value, and I place value on the total cost of doing something, not the price you pay for a product or service.

Believe it or not, EIPC is just around the corner
 &...Triumph Motorcycles!

After covering two outings in our last newsletter, the tradeshow visits have slowed up until now.  Early June of this year is when the big EIPC summer conference is scheduled in beautiful, Birmingham, UK.  If you've never been to Birmingham then we're in the same boat.  I've been to the airport and in a taxi but I've never spent meaningful time in the city.
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Donnie Monn
 Business Development &
European Sales Manager
ph: 651.491.4199

Talking with
ALBA's Production Manager Alessandro Fracaros

In business for over twenty years, ALBA Elettronica is one of Europe's premier high technology printed circuit board fabricators. It is also one of the industry's most innovative companies. I was especially pleased to sit down with ALBA's Production Manager Alessandro Fracaros since this is the first European PCB company that I get to interview for Dan's Six Pack. So, read on and check out how things are in Europe and most importantly at ALBA Elettronica.
For more information about ALBA Elettronica go to  http://albapcb.com/


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