Welcome to the ADVocate. We have designed this newsletter with you, our clients, donors, sponsors, and community stakeholders in mind. Join us as we highlight our services from each area of our organization. Our goal is to bring you useful information concerning mental health issues as they relate to victims of crime, domestic violence policy news and services, residential shelter updates, and a healthy dose of information from Dr. John Park, our resident psychologist. 
Alternatives to Domestic Violence and Trauma Recovery Center (ADVTRC) is centrally located in western Riverside County in three locations to bring domestic violence and mental health services to victims.  Look for us in Riverside, Hemet, and Beaumont at the Chatigny Center. We have teamed with the Beaumont Police Department to bring much needed direct services into the community. Our emergency shelter location is confidential to protect the privacy of those in need of a safe haven. If you don't see a location convenient to you, no worries. Our Advocates and Clinicians function in a mobile capacity as well to serve those who are challenged in visiting one of our offices. Contact us for more information about our Mobile Advocacy Program. We are moving our programs to keep the pace of the demand for more victim-centered assistance.
Equally important to our goal of providing services to our victims is providing resources to our local businesses, higher learning institutions, churches and faith-based organizations. If you have not adopted a Domestic Violence Employee Policy for your company, contact us to discuss how ADV can help keep you equipped with valuable resources by partnering with us to deliver equitable and invaluable information for your employees and team members. 
Lastly, to all of our supporters who have remained dedicated to finding solutions to end domestic violence, we thank you! To all of our new sponsors, donors and partners, we look forward to a long-lasting collaboration that will yield positive results in our shared values of ending violence in our homes, businesses, and our communities. 
Committed to Service,
Florence White, CEO
Garry Ann Brown
Shelter & Operations Director
Among those successes this year was the overwhelming support from the community as it relates to shelter improvements, our partners demonstrated that “it takes more than a village...it takes a community.”
Due to those efforts, we were able to accomplish the following: READ MORE..
Dr. Stephen C Matzel,
Siren blaring, lights flashing and an ambulance safely delivers a trauma victim to the hospital where medical professionals treat trauma related injuries. In another instance, an injured soldier is evacuated from the battlefield to safety. Much later, once the traumatic event is over, many victims turned survivors heal and move on with their lives. Some, require additional help addressing trauma-related mental health symptoms and may engage in one or more of the numerous evidence-based interventions designed to address mental health issues related to their past trauma. With the additional intervention, many of these individuals are able to move on from the traumatic event and resume their lives...
PhD. Licensed Psychologist

Have you experienced anxiety? Has stress ever gotten the best of you? I am not familiar with anyone who has not experienced stress or anxiety.
In this brief overview, I want to briefly share with you what anxiety is, how it is a major problem in society, and how we can deal with it effectively. Often times, anxiety is not the problem; rather...
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