Why Do I Need A Security System?
Knowing your business is protected at all times is invaluable. For over 37 years, Quinlan Security Systems has focused on keeping your business protected from external intrusions, property damage and undiscovered inefficiencies. If you are thinking about installing or upgrading your security system, call us today!

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The 5 Factors to Think About When Choosing a Video Analytics Platform

Video analytics is an ever-evolving domain.  The latest advanced solutions, usually referred to as next-generation video analytics - or simply video analysis - enable users to do much more with surveillance footage.
Video analysis search applications promise some profoundly useful benefits. How do we make sure we choose the right application for our needs?

How to Choose the Best Access Card Reader

From HID Global's perspective, the fundamental best-practices concept is that an effective security system uses a layered and versatile approach to security.

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