Note - Much of the content is borrowed from The Jewelry Journey Podcast

About Marc Cohen:
Marc Cohen is a highly regarded artist known for his wearable art. As a former actor, stage manager and set designer, Cohen’s two-inch-square boxes resemble stage sets incorporating three-dimensional figures and photographic images. His one-of-a-kind pieces sit on the shelves of numerous celebrities and can be worn like a brooch. It's a fascinating journey: from the Stages of Broadway and streets of NYC, to the Museum of Israel and Sotheby's auction in London- many stories never heard until now. Cohen’s 40 year collection of archival work is available exclusively through Sculpture to Wear Gallery
What you’ll learn in this episode:
  • How Marc’s Box art was inspired by his time working in the theater industry
  • How Marc went from selling his work on the streets of New York City to selling them to Hollywood’s biggest celebrities & museum exhibitions
  • Why artists have always borrowed from each other’s work (Keith Haring and David Hockney added to his merchandising presentation)
  • Why "Box-Art" is truly a conversation starter that breaks down barriers
  • Sotheby's sold his work at auction for $10,000!
  • How "every box tells a story"....
World's Smallest Art Gallery in Santa Monica, CA on the 3rd Steet Promenade
STILL LIFE - Version from the West Coast 80's
"POP-Art in Box-Art" - Cohen makes a splash
Press from the Museum of Israel exhibition
25 foot "HEROS" installation at the Museum of Israel & Cover of the Catalog
Marc's Photo of Harvey Milk Currently on view at SFO Airport 
SCULPTURE TO WEAR is proud to offer the work of MARC COHEN

Marc is NOT making any more LITTLE BOXES -
this is your chance to create your own collection.
Prices $200-$500 for individual / framed boxes
Wall sculptures (medium & large) $1,500 - $8,000.

Commissions accepted to create private portraits, public installations and
museum exhibitions. Prices begin at: $10k

Please contact the gallery for images, availability and pricing
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