What a great time we had at the Biosphere 2 on Saturday! Over 400 of you finished the scenic Biosphere 2 course -- plus another 30 kids and families in the Great Lawn Kids Dash.

Special thanks to John Adams and the whole team at the Biosphere 2. They have been gracious hosts to the running community and we look forward to producing more events at this special location. In fact, John sent us this note:

Biosphere 2 is extraordinarily equipped to work on many of the critical issues facing our planet and was a great backdrop for the first annual Earth Day 5k at Biosphere 2. The turnout was incredible and we are already planning for next year’s race, making it bigger and better. Thank you to all the participants and spectators for making an amazing day! Every day is Earth Day at Biosphere 2!

Click here for the full race results at, including a click-through to the finish video for every participant. Click here for the age-group listing.

Below is a lengthy race report, including photos, a note on awards, a "thank you" to those who donated, and info on how to find the race photos and videos.

Thanks to Mindy from Bag It Cancer Support for all the volunteer help! Speaking of volunteers: Thanks to Connie, Kathy, Caitlin, Sandy, Aric, Rob, Jane, Lena, Elliott, Gregg, Freya, Caroline, Kris, Grant, and all those who pitched in to help put on the race. We were delighted to receive this nice note: Freya and I were very happy to help today. We both appreciate the way you run the business of racing. Well done. Enjoyed our conversation and look forward to seeing you again. 

When you share your photos on social media, please tag @runtucson, @tmc, and @biosphere2.

Finally: all the race medals were given away, but there are a handful of men's medium and XXL at The Running Shop, if anyone still needs a souvenir shirt.

One more finally: for all who have not yet signed up for our next event, the June 4th TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k Night Run and Festival of Miles, please see way below in the TMC section for a discount coupon for $5 off.

OK -- that's enough -- thanks again for being part of the TMC Earth Day 5k!

Randy and Tia Accetta and the crew at Run Tucson
Photographs: Special thanks to Damion Alexander of Long Realty for taking photographs and providing images on his various pages. See
Right from the start, Nathan Thomas (1446 above) pushed the pace, fighting an early challenge from San Francisco's Lokesh Dhakar, but Thomas, the overall race winner, pulled away on the first big hill past the horse corral to finish in 18:01.

Lisa Zieman (in green, #93 above), running for the Workout Group, similarly ran from the front to cruise to the women's victory in 19:14.

Top three men were Nathan Thomas, followed by TEP's Steven Eddy and Oscar Bueno. The top three women were Liza Zieman, 14-year-old Katherin McNulty a standout at Orange Grove Middle School, and Melanie Zibrat.

The race was chip-timed by Greg Wenneborg and Roadrunner Race Timing.

Results are posted at and at

If you think your time is in error, please email us or

Thanks to the Running Shop for providing gift certificates to the top overall runners and the top three in age groups U-15 and 75+. If you won an award but did not receive your gift card at the post-race awards ceremony, please visit the Running Shop to pick up your card. Pictured below is a cluster from one of the age group categories.

Remember to join Southern's Arizona's non-profit running club at
BEYOND: Our friends from the BEYOND-Tucson Foundation were on hand to offer information on their weekly Meet Me at Maynard's Monday evening free walk and run.

Southern Arizona Roadrunners: It was great to see our long-time partner, the Southern Arizona Roadrunners, at the Biosphere 2. Their next race is this coming weekend, the Cinco de Mayo 10k, with a 5k walk/run and a FitKidz free mile, produced by Lucas Tyler. See registration information at

Chair Athletes and Team Hoyt: We are mightily impressed with all of our chair athletes -- congratulations to all of you, both self-propelled and those partnerships. A special thanks, too, to the Team Hoyt Arizona community for being such a great part of our fitness community.
25 Coffee Trees! Earth Day has seen the planting of 25 coffee trees, as the crew at the Biosphere 2 is trying to figure out how to keep growing coffee in a climate-change world.

Innovation and the Start-Up Ecosystem: Sunday's Arizona Daily Start included a lengthy article on the start0up incubator that is a partnership between the Biosphere 2 and the University of Arizona Center for Innovation (UACI).

Do Good! This inaugural event raises funds for the world-renowned Biosphere 2's Ocean Reef Lab.  Thanks to the 66 folks who donated a total of $871.85 to the Biosphere 2. We'll send 'em a check on your behalf:
Louise Adams
Sandra Antoniak
Jennifer Bailey
Denfield Barnard
David Baumiller
Nancy Berrones
Marie Bienkowski
Mely Bohlman
Keith Borland
James Callery
Yessica Canizales
Jacob Christian
Teresa Clement
Jeremy Condiff
bethiah crane
Modern Steel Doors
Judy Davis
Bobby Dickinson
Dave Dixon
Teresa Dodson
Coriana Eastman
Marcia Escarcega
Deborah Everett, on behalf of my marine biologist son 😊
Claire Ferguson
Alejandra Fisher
James Fleck
Crystal Floyd
Jeannie Franen
Lee Gilbert
Michelle Gossen
Russell Hall
Jonathan Harrison
Joel & Kim Hauff
Kelly Heilman
Kelly Heilman
Cindy Hinzman
Alyson Hockett
Linda Jaramillo
James Judd
Rebecca LaMear
Alexa Langen
Sarita Layton
Cathy Lobstein
Lucius Lopez
Constance J. Lopez
Beverly Lucke
Dan McArthur
Jennifer McBrien
Jasmyn McMurrey
Alexander Mendoza
Rebecca Merrill
Keri Miller
Tara Mulski
Courtney Nenadic
Marilynne Nistas
John OMasta
John OMasta
Desiree Palmer
Sawyer & Lincoln
Katherine Prewitt
Adrianna Pulver
Dexter Radcliff
Stacia Ramiller
Crystal Richmond
Crystal Richt
Bob Ries
Christina Rocha
Michael Roqueni
Peter Ruggles
Demi Salerno
Barbara Sattler
Heather Savage-Peckham
Inky the Cat
Shaina Shay
Stephanie Sikora
Carlos Soto
Robert Stucki
Echo Sulaiman
Allison Titcomb
Rachelle Valdez
Alya Verdugo
morgan viau
Inez Whipple
Josh Wilkinson
Kari Yanez
We are beyond grateful to Tucson Medical Center for joining as the title sponsor for this unique event.

TMC is providing post-race snacks and other goodies -- but they also make this whole thing possible.

Check out TMC locations throughout Southern Arizona, including a TMC One office on La Canada and Lambert for those in the Oro Valley/Catalina area. See for a location near you.

HERE IS THE DISCOUNT COUPON TO THE TMC MEET ME DOWNTOWN NIGHT RUN: EARTHDAY. Register here and use EARTHDAY as the coupon to receive an additional $5 off the race entry fee for the 5k or the Mile.
Special thanks to Cox for sponsoring this inaugural TMC Earth Day 5k event. Cox Conserves goals - Cox Conserves, Cox Sustainability Program | Cox Enterprises
Cox Conserves goals are to send zero waste to landfill by 2024, and to be carbon and water neutral by 2034. With more than $100 million invested in sustainability and conservation projects, Cox is on track to meet their aggressive Cox Conserves goals.
TMC Meet Me Downtown 5K
Saturday night, June 4, 2022
The TMC Meet Me Downtown Night Run and Festival of Miles is fun way to kick off hot summer running in Tucson! The downtown vibe comes alive especially when combined with running endorphins, bands, a beer garden, and, we hope, free ice cream!

The TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k and Festival of Miles is on the Southern Arizona Roadrunners annual calendar, part of the Running Shop Grand Prix, and includes a SAR FitKidz Mile.
Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown
This is a 3 race series starting with the TMC Meet Me Downtown 5K on June 4, the TMC Tucson 10K/5K on September 18, and the TMC 15k/5k back at the Biosphere 2 on October 23. The Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown raises funds for the BEYOND-Tucson Foundation.
For information about our events, the RRCA, and The Workout Group, contact Randy Accetta
(520) 991-0733
For information about in-person, online, or group coaching, contact contact Tia Accetta.
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