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Our rebrand reveal event surpassed all expectations, emerging as a resounding success filled with an outpouring of support and positive reactions as we unveiled our new brand identity as Radiance Family Society. It was an unforgettable, fun-filled night where we had the privilege of celebrating alongside many supporters and community partners.

We were grateful to have greetings from Elder Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes, our MLA Janet Eremenko and Minister Searle Turton. Former Executive Director Joy Johnson-Green also attended. This event marked not only the beginning of a new chapter for us but also a reaffirmation of the incredible support system that surrounds our organization.


Thank you to all who attended! And for those who couldn’t, thank you for being part of our community. We are so grateful.

Couldn't make it to the event? Check out our rebrand reveal video below!


Unmasking the Legacy of Domestic Violence in Indigenous Communities: A Journey Towards Healing and Reconciliation

On September 30th, Canada geared up to commemorate the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. This day holds immense significance as it acknowledges the painful history and ongoing struggles faced by Indigenous communities. It is a day for all Canadians to reflect on the impact of colonialism, oppression, and racism on the lives of Indigenous peoples. One crucial issue that has been exacerbated by these historical injustices is domestic violence within Indigenous communities.

In our latest blog post, we explore how colonialism and systemic oppression has contributed to this problem and shed light on the important work being done by organizations like Radiance to support Indigenous communities on their journey towards healing.

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Thanksgiving Blessings from Our Generous Partners

Judith and her remarkable team of volunteers, affectionately known as the 'M&M's, joined forces this year to achieve something truly extraordinary. They diligently assembled 24 Thanksgiving care packages, each containing butter, bread, M&M candies, cheese, homemade jams, as well as homemade chili and granola. Additionally, Judith thoughtfully provided an assortment of freshly baked pies, including pumpkin and apple pies, generously accompanied by whipped cream.

YYC Growers' generous donation of seven delicious feasts for women and children residing at Radiance is also truly heartwarming. Their commitment to making a difference in our community shines brightly as they ensure that those facing challenges will have something special to enjoy on this meaningful day.

These meals are not just sustenance; they are symbols of compassion, unity, and the spirit of giving that defines the Thanksgiving season. These thoughtful gestures embody the essence of what this holiday is all about – coming together to share and support one another. 

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Our Adopt-a-Family program is now open and actively seeking individuals, groups or organizations to spread Christmas cheer to those in need.

The families supported by Adopt-a-Family come from many different walks of life but have thing in common: their circumstances brought them to Radiance looking for the support and healing they need. Join us in creating lasting memories and fostering a sense of togetherness this holiday season.

Email to get involved.

Celebrating Success at the Staff Retreat

Our team had an incredible time coming together at the annual staff retreat, which served as a well-deserved respite after a year of unwavering dedication to serving our community, continuous improvement, and the transformative experience of a complete rebrand. This retreat allowed us to celebrate our hard work and success while strengthening the bonds that make our organization thrive.

From our hearts to yours, thank you for supporting us as we achieve our purpose.

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Following an incredible campaign, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who contributed to Birdies for Kids. The donation period has now come to a close, and we are overjoyed to announce that it exceeded our expectations, surpassing last year's total. None of this would have been possible without your support. Thank you immensely!

More Ways to Support Radiance


Have your recycling picked up from your home and donate to Radiance at the same time with SkipTheDepot.


Shop eco-friendly goods from Vancouver's TruEarth and 20% from your order will be donated directly to Radiance.

Sisters' Story Coffee

Stock up on organic, Fairtrade coffee from farms exclusively owned and operated by Indigenous women in Peru.

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