Month, Year - Vol 1, Issue 1
Dear Friends, 

Thank you to all who attended the Food Entreprenuer Workshop on June 22nd. We felt energized and inspired by the great food concepts that folks in the room are looking to bring to the Hudson Valley, and particularly to this community! Reminder that we are now recruiting interested users for the POK Open Kitchen shared-use commercial kitchen for this Fall. Let us know you're interested by contacting  Elizabeth.

Welcome Brooke Sadowsky, Project  Coordinator  for the Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory

We are very excited to welcome Brooke Sadowsky as the Project Coordinator for the Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory and the newest member of Hudson River Housing's Community Building and Engagement Team!

Brooke Sadowsky spent nearly a decade working in commercial advertising, helping clients such as British Airways, Pfizer, and American Express reach key consumer audiences to build brand awareness, change preferences, and sell products. Determined to use the power of marketing for greater good, Brooke joined Rare Conservation in 2007 and partnered with NGOs and Local Governments to design and implement behavior change campaigns that target human-induced threats to nature. She has worked on projects in Mongolia, Thailand, Lao PDR, Bahamas, Madagascar, Guam, and in the Philippines. In her most recent position as Rare's global lead for behavior change and social marketing, Brooke incorporated new behavioral insights into the methodology to shift social norms towards sustainable practices. Brooke is a Poughkeepsie native and is excited to apply her skills and experience towards economic and community development efforts in her hometown.

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