News & Notes #2

January 5, 2024

In this issue:

  • Messages from Jonathan & our Producers

  • Health update

  • New Singer Reception next Tuesday @ 6:30

  • Season at-a-glance: Key dates & FAQ's

Jonathan's Notes

Hello Mystic friends -

Thanks for a good first rehearsal! It’s good to be back in First Parish rehearsing with you again. We made a good start on learning the material I think and our concert is gonna be awesome!

I plan to review the things we’ve worked on in previous rehearsals even as we introduce new material. With only one concert this season we really want to “get it right” the first time!

You’ll have lyrics for the songs we’ve worked on, and I’ve made a YouTube playlist so you can listen to them during the week. 

I look forward to seeing you all back next Tuesday!


From the Producers...

Welcome Back Jonathan!  

For those of us that may not yet have had the chance to sing with Jonathan, and thus might have worried about starting the season with no written lyrics or music, I hope you have put those concerns to rest after watching Jonathan teach nearly 200 of us, 4 songs in 90 minutes - all with his infectious smile, and while making us laugh (lovingly) at ourselves! [He's right that we can close our eyes and often know we're in Boston -- but that's a good thing, since we"re not supposed to pronounce those "r"s at the end of certain words, like "Rivah."]

Anyway, it was a great rehearsal. Hopefully you have your own recordings of what Jonathan taught us by ear. Scroll down for our Practice Resources, including Jonathan's YouTube Playlist and an annotated video of last week's rehearsal.


P.S. Helpful Hint if you use an I-Phone -- if you want to pause, rather than end, a "Voice Memo", you can click the button on the right side of your phone after you start the recording (instead of the red round button on your screen), and it will allow you to stop and start that voice memo so you can get the whole song in one recording rather than in small snippets.

Questions about the season?

Reach out to Alexandra & Jill at:

Our Producers are volunteers with busy lives! They will do their best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Gospel Scholarship Fund is Full

25 Singers requested scholarships this season For $1,200. Your generous donations allowed every one to be covered. Thank you!

Health Update

We have learned that a Mystic Alto has tested postive for Covid. Here's what we know:

  • She experienced symptoms and tested positive on Wednesday.

  • At rehearsal this week, she wore a mask and was sitting in the front row of masked Altos.

  • If you have any symptoms or concerns, we recommend that you test.

If you test positive for Covid:

We ask any singer who tests positive for Covid to let us know immediately. Please email Linda Shoemaker at We will notify other singers that someone has tested positive, specifying the dates when the person was infected, and their section. No name or other identifying information will be shared. Thank you.

New Singer Reception

Next Tuesday

January 9th


in the Vestry

All Welcome!

Come one & all to meet our new singers, hear from some of our leaders, and have a chance to ask questions about the Mystic Chorale. A great way to meet new folks, make connections, and build our Mystic community!


YouTube Playlist

A great way to learn and internalize our songs!

Even if you can't pick out your part (yet!), you'll learn a LOT by listening - words, timing, rhythm... keep listening and you'll get there!!

Go to the YouTube Playlist:

VIDEO: Last Week's Rehearsal

Annotated for easy review!

05:44 - Marvellous (quick version)

09:44 - Warm-ups

21:24 - Marvellous (teaching parts)

31:00 - Joy

1:02:30 - Up Above My Head

1:19:50 - Announcements

1:25:10 - Our Voices Matter

1:53:28 - How I Got Over

For Virtual Singers

Livestream Instructions & Tips

Welcome Virtual Singers!!

We are so glad you are joining us, and look forward to having you there "with us" in the rehearsal hall!

What you will need:

  • A computer/laptop (recommended) We recommend your computer or laptop - the bigger the screen, and the better your speakers, the more you will feel "with" us. But a tablet, ipad or phone will work, too.

  • Headphones, Earbuds or External Speakers (highly recommended). The better your speakers, the more you will hear the director and singers in the room.

  • A place to sit and sing comfortably. We suggest an upright chair, similar to what you would find at rehearsal. A soft chair or couch is not as conducive to good singing.

How to tune into the Livestream:

At 7:30 on Tuesday, click the video preview or link below, and you'll be with us! Each week, we'll post the livestream link here in News & Notes, and on the website, here

If we lose the Livestream signal:

Occasionally, we lose the livestream signal due to a poor internet connection. If that happens, go to the "Just in case" backup link below. We'll try to be back up and running asap!

How to watch the video after the rehearsal:

If you miss the Livestream on Tuesday night, it will be available on our website and a YouTube Playlist   after rehearsal.  

Livestream Rehearsal

Click the image below to join the rehearsal from home:

"JUST IN CASE" - Backup Livestream Link

Occasionally, we lose the livestream signal due to a poor internet connection. If that happens, go to the "backup link" below. We'll try to be back up and running asap!

Backup link (for use ONLY if we lose the livestream):


Rehearsals:  8 Tuesdays, January 2 – February 20, 7:30-9:30 pm. First Parish Unitarian, 630 Mass Ave., Arlington, MA.

Attendance Policy:

Please note that you may miss no more than 2 rehearsals to sing in the concert. New this season: You may count ONE Livestream rehearsal towards your attendance requirement. Sectional counts as make-up for a missed rehearsal.

Deadline to drop out with a refund:

Wednesday, January 10, by 12:00 noon

You will receive a refund, minus a $20 cancelation fee


Basses – Thursday, January 25, 7:00-7:55

Tenors – Thursday, January 25, 8:00-8:55

Altos – Thursday, February 1, 7:00-7:55

Sopranos – Thursday, February 1, 8:00-8:55

Snow date (if needed):

Thursday, February 15, 7:30-9:30

St John's Episcopal, 74 Pleasant St, Arlington

(one block from our regular rehearsal location)


Dress/Tech Rehearsal: Thursday, February 22, 7:00-9:30

Cary Hall, Lexington, MA

Concert: Friday, February 23, Call time 5:00 pm

Cary Hall, Lexington

Concert Attire: TBD

Where to watch the livestream or video:

See you soon!

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