California Housing Partnership Board Members: Simonne Ruff, Kyle Arndt, President & CEO Matt Schwartz, Ben Metcalf, Betsy Morris and Sindy Spivak. Not pictured are Board Members Tim Onderko, Adhi Nagraj and Felicia Scruggs-Wright. All photos by Alain McLaughlin.
On behalf of the California Housing Partnership Board of Directors, a big thank you to all of you who were able to join us in Sacramento to celebrate 30 years of partnership on February 4th. Everyone I spoke with commented on the great atmosphere that was made possible by bringing together so many leaders in the affordable housing field to honor our Affordable Housing Hero Award recipients - Senators Toni Atkins and Jim Beall, Assemblymember David Chiu and our surprise honoree, HCD Director Ben Metcalf.

Working together with all of you and with the leadership of a new Governor and Legislature rededicated to making more progress in addressing the State’s affordable housing crisis, I am optimistic that we will make great strides during these next few years. Thanks again for being our steadfast partners in this important cause. 

Matt Schwartz, President & CEO
Senator Toni Atkins, Affordable Housing Hero
Affordable Housing Hero Senator Toni Atkins
Matt Schwartz; Senator Toni Atkins; Betsy Morris, California Housing Partnership Board Chair; and Mayor Darrell Steinberg.
Assemblymember David Chiu, Affordable Housing Hero
Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Matt Schwartz, and Assemblymember David Chiu.

Senator Jim Beall, Affordable Housing Hero
Matt Schwartz, Senator Jim Beall, and Mayor Darrell Steinberg.
Ben Metcalf, Affordable Housing Hero
Matt Schwartz; Ben Metcalf, HCD Director; and Carol Galante, Director of the Terner Center for Policy and Innovation.
Thank you to our Master of Ceremony, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg. You are our affordable housing hero too!
30th Anniversary Report
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