Dearest friends,
Sari and I wish everyone a “G’mar Chatimah Tova”. As our community will again be together in spirt but not necessarily in body this Yom Kippur, I want to share a word of appreciation beforehand. 
The mitzvah that’s defined how our shul has been functioning over the last run of time is that of “living by the Law, and not dying by it”. We’ve together striven through uncharted territory, to live. To live spiritually through creating innovative frameworks within which to daven, learn, celebrate, mourn, and teach our children. And of course to live physically while we are living spiritually by thinking hard and thoroughly about how we can minimize the chances for transmission of the virus. I don’t need to ask you to imagine the numbers of hours our leadership spent in consultation with one another, and in discussion with the medical experts whom we are immensely blessed to have in our midst. And I don’t need to ask you to imagine the time, energy, and love that so many people have invested - and continue to invest – in managing the complex and endless-seeming logistical arrangements that have enabled us to live. I know that we’re all keenly aware of it all.

I will ask though, that we each take a moment before Yom Kippur to express appreciation to our shul, its leadership and staff, and to our community of invaluable volunteers through contributing to our annual Kol Nidre appeal. The expense-side of creating spiritual life in unusual times is of course higher than usual, but we are committed to continuing to rise to the challenge.

The past months (how many is it now??) have proven the grit, determination, and commitment of the BDJ community. As we prepare to begin a new year, let’s together reinforce our commitment to supporting it. 

With love,
Rav Yosef