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Legitimizing Motherhood as an Integral Part of a Woman's Career and Wellness Journey


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What a Celebration It Was! Book Launch December 12, 2023!

What a Celebration it Was! The Work Like a Mother community came out in force and celebrated the launch of "Work Like a Mother: Rewriting the Script for a Woman's Career Journey" on December 12, 2023.  I'm forever grateful to the women of this powerful community. Thank you!


The evening was beautifully moderated by the awesome Jennifer Blankfein of Book Nation at the Awe-Inspiring Kerri Rosenthal Gallery and Store in Westport Ct. Thank you, Jennifer!  


I am hugely grateful to Marie Patel of Girl on the Ball Solutions for her partnership and event planning expertise. She was invaluable to the success of the evening. Thank you, Marie and Marilisa.  


Behind the scenes, Ilana Berger captured the magic of the event as our official photographer and social media expert and I am so grateful for her expertise. Thank you, Ilana!


A huge thanks to Jordan Berger who set up shop to sell all of our books and to Charlotte Berger who spent hours with me to design and curate the most impactful way to share the news of this important occasion with you. Thank you, Jordan and Charlotte!


Thank you to by brother Kenny Siegal for his priceless AV support which saved the day and to my sister Bonnie Stevens who worked diligently behind the scenes to orchestrate the event. They traveled a long way to support me. Thank you!

Gurhan Demirkan and his team from Book Selfie, thank you for all of your wisdom around publishing and sharing this book with the world.


A shout out to She Sells These Shells, Amy Pines, and Wendy Siegel of Westport Ct for customizing elegant painted shells for this event. Thank you!


Finally thank you to, Melissa Atherton and her wonderful team at Kerri Rosenthal Gallery who were the most gracious and professional hosts. I couldn't have been prouder to release this book in this one-of-a-kind, joy filled gallery, infectious with love and inspiration, - all created by artist and designer Kerri Rosenthal. Every moment of our planning was, professional, joyful, and exciting and I thank you all!


A most special thanks to all my children, Charlotte, Jordan, Ilana and Brandon, and especially to my Husband and Soulmate, Bruce for a lifetime of support for my work.


This hands-on workbook presents The Work Like a Mother Method, revolutionizing how we conceptualize weaving together the intersection of women's roles of motherhood, career, and lifelong emotional wellbeing - legitimizing motherhood as an integral and acknowledged part of a woman's career and wellness journey. I offer a proven and complete rewrite of the rules of engagement for how to position yourself, reinvent yourself, and live out your full vitality both personally and professionally. In other words, be the best version of yourself and work and parent as your heart and soul dictate. 


This interactive workbook enables mothers to create meaning, purpose, and career vitality throughout every parenting stage to feel like their best selves in a step-by-step method that over 3000 women have benefitted from. Yes, it can be done, and here is the book to show you how. 2024 will be all about sharing this proven women-centric career counseling and wellness method with the world. With Gratitude and Love, Hilary

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See you in 2024! 

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