Sixth Sunday after Pentecost - June 30, 2024

Thanking the "Prayer Lady"

As long as I have served at Epiphany I have known who to call (or email) when it’s time to pray:  Jan Reiter.  Jan has served as Epiphany’s prayer leader, or as her email modestly puts it, the “prayerlady” for decades.  

She has done it quietly and faithfully.  She knows in her bones that God answers prayers, not Jan.  She understands that prayer ministry is not about mastering "sure-fire" techniques to make God do what we want, but investing in a relationship with God. She has invited dozens and dozens of other people to join her in the work of bringing our thanksgivings and requests to God.  It has shaped our church.

This spring, Jan let me know that she had prayed about it, and the time had come for her to retire from her leadership role in our prayer ministries.  As part of our 10:15am worship this Sunday, we are going to take a moment to thank Jan for her years and years of faithful service.  After worship concludes, we will have an informal reception as a small way to honor her.  

Going forward, we are not going to attempt to replace Jan. Instead, Epiphany’s individual prayer ministries will continue under some of the many leaders Jan has trained over the years.  I’ll also take a moment to introduce these people on Sunday.  Jan also assures me she will keep praying for us.

If your life has been touched by the work Jan has done to make Epiphany a praying church (and trust me, it has), please make a special point to join us on Sunday as we say thank you.

God bless,

P.S. You will not be surprised to know that Jan is letting us thank her this Sunday under protest. I have promised her it will be brief and appropriate. At the same time, I think it is necessary, and good to thank those who have loved us and served both God and our church so well for so many years. Thank you, Jan!

Are You Ready for Some Baseball Aug. 31?

Baseball field

Every year, the Washington Nationals organization holds Faith Day. After the game, some of the Nationals players and staff give their testimonies, encouraging us that God has placed people everywhere (even on baseball teams!) to be His witnesses.

This year, Faith Day is on Saturday, August 31, at 4:05 pm, Nats versus Cubs. Who wants to go? I see those hands waving.

In order to gauge interest and possibly get group ticket pricing, please use the following link. The maximum ticket price will be $31 per person. Now go turn two and sign up! And bring your friends who need to know that Christians like hot dogs and baseball, too!

God Calms Real Storms

Sunday Rides to Church needed

A longtime member of Epiphany lives in Fairfax and can no longer drive.  She loves to come to church to worship with her church family.  If you are interested in helping with rides for her, please contact Jan Reiter,, 703-620-1118. Thank you.

New Archbishop Elected

This past Saturday, the Anglican Church in North America, Epiphany's parent church body, elected its third archbishop, the Rt. Rev. Steve Wood of the Diocese of the Carolinas. Our archbishops, who serve as the chief pastor for our church's bishops, serve up to two five year terms and are elected by our diocesan bishops. Our current archbishop, the Rt. Rev. Foley Beach, is completing his second five year term this week and will return to his role as the diocesan bishop for the Anglican Diocese of the South after a much-deserved break. Arcbishop-elect Steve will be consecrated tomorrow, June 28. You will notice on Sunday that we will begin praying for him as our archbishop. To learn more about Archbishop-elect Steve and the election, click here.

Headphones for Cub Run Elementary School

For many years, Epiphany has helped students return to school by donating backpacks. This Summer, WFCM has matched us up with Cub Run Elementary School.   Instead of backpacks, we have committed to donating 50 over-the-ear headphones.  The kids will use the headphones to listen to educational content. The over-the-ear headphones block out classroom distractions and allow the kids to work at their own pace. 

You can purchase any over-the-ear headphones with a jack to connect to a laptop/PC.  Or here's a link to an Amazon's gift registry  with an approved set.

If you’d like to make a monetary contribution, a donation of $18 will buy one headphone.  Cash donations can be made payable to Epiphany with "Headphone Drive" specified in the memo line or via the mobile app by choosing the "Missions and Outreach - Headphone Drive" fund. Any remaining funds will be donated to WFCM.

Please drop-off all donations at Epiphany between now and Sunday, July 28. 

If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Hanger at or 202-436-1686 (mobile).

Joy on the Phone Prayer Line

Talking with God through prayer for others brings great joy.  The Bible tells us that we are to pray for one another and also assures us that God hears and answers prayer.  Our Phone Prayer Line is in need of additional people who are committed to lifting prayers upon request regarding needs/concerns of our Church Family.

We have two groups of people lifting prayers, one in the daytime and another in the evening time. We have a basic outline to follow when taking these requests.   They are confidential.  We do not offer any counseling.  We are committed to lifting prayers.  

Please prayerfully consider if this is a call to you to be a part of our Epiphany Prayer Ministry in becoming part of the Phone Prayer Line.  Please feel free to contact Debby Morris  703-631-1687 or (  with your interest / your questions. 

This Week At Epiphany

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