November 2017
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If you've been keeping up with our Omega product launch, we're thrilled to say that you can officially order  the  Juice Plus+® Omega Blend. 

Curious about our new product? Watch this short video and then answer this question: Which do you prefer: the test tube or Mother Nature?

Finally, in this month of Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for people like you who care about their health and who strive to live their BEST life!
And always, always, always remember to drink up!
(As the weather gets chilly, drinking enough water can be challenging. This TED talk will remind you about the excellent reasons to drink up!)


Skin Health & Juice Plus+

Whether it's from cold weather, too much sunshine, or just the natural aging process, our skin can really take a beating. A recent clinical study, conducted at the University of Witten Herdecke, Germany, measured key indicators of skin health in middle-aged women. It's a quick two minute video - watch and see what Juice Plus+ can do for your skin!
Plug into a Program!


Are you ready to take your health and your family's health to the next level? We have many helpful tools that are assisting thousands to achieve their health goals. In addition to these tools, we also have several effective ways to connect with others, so you are supported and encouraged on your journey!
Grow Up & Inside!

Indoor Tower Gardens are popping up all over - from schools to high-tech companies to convention centers... and beyond! The Tower Garden footprint is small enough to fit in almost any space you can imagine. And by adding lights to your Tower Garden (soon to be LED lights) you really can grow green all year long. Also coming soon: grow Microgreens in your TG!

Do you need more proof that this works? Check out this article that the Food Network published a couple of months ago, listing several places that grow indoors. Growing food inside has gone mainstream.
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Rachel Smartt
Rachel Smartt, Naturopathic Doctor
Nat'l Marketing Director &Juice Plus+
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