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Channeling the Upper Valley

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November 23, 2022

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Ewe asked for it!

In 1835, 13,207 sheep grazed in Hartford. 9,902 baa'ed in Hartland. Norwich had 9,614, and Pomfret 7,698. That's 41,421 sheep—more than are in all of New England today! For more lore about the Upper Valley's wooly past, check out this Hartford Historical Society lecture "The Great Sheep Boom" by former VT agriculture commissioner Steve Taylor.

Recorded 11.09.22 by Jordyn Fitch for JAM.

Non-Fiction Comics Fest 2022

How does the graphic memoirist reconstruct their life on the comic page? How can comics inspire interest in history? How can the comic artist use their form achieve social justice? Find all three panel conversations by leading comic artists on JAM's "Just In" YouTube playlist.

Recorded 11.09.22 by Cedar O'Dowd for JAM.

November's JAM theme is DRAWN TO YOU. Stop by JAM to experience hand-drawn animations by local arts projected at JAM in this month's media arts exhibit.

Trust in local news

As the American public is confronted by a flood of disinformation, with mainstream news media, contributing to the problem, trust is at an all-time low. But Dr. Michelle Amazeen's research offers a warning and some hope – local news is the most trusted. By better understanding the role of news organizations in perpetuating disinformation, the public can more critically consider the news content they consume.

From Osher Lifelong Institute for Learning at Dartmouth 2022 Summer Series. Find more Osher lectures at JAM On-Demand.

November is National Adoption Month

Adoption in Vermont

From July 2021 through June 2022, 190 adoptions took place for children who were previously involved with the VT Dept. of Children and Families. Gillie Hopkins and Sarah Malick came into the JAM studio to share how you can make a difference in a child's life in VT during National Adoption Month. Learn more at:

Local Government and School Boards on JAM

Find local government and school meetings for Hartford, Norwich, and Hartland, VT; Hanover, NH and Lebanon, NH (SAU88 only).  Pictured: SAU 70 School Board (11/15/22). 

Upper Valley Religious Services on JAM 

Join your local house of worship, visit a new one, or share your recorded service with JAM. Pictured: The Church of Christ at Dartmouth (11/13/22)  


@JAM Podcasts

New from Shelf Help

Episode 25 – "Not Christmas books!" An Instagram fan wrote she needs books "stories that aren't about Christmas or anti-Christmas [but] exciting new fiction or old comfort food stories that get 'the rest of us' through."

Shelf Help is a collaboration between the Book Jam, a nonprofit designed to inspire readers; Yankee Bookshop; the Norwich Bookstore;  Still North Books & Bar, and JAM – Junction Arts & Media.

Shelf Help PODCAST

New from Going the Dismas

Episode 6 – Dismas of Vermont Founder, Rita McCaffrey, gets together with Program Manager, Richard Gagne, and Executive Director, Jim Curran, to talk about the history and origins of Dismas and what's next!

Dismas of Vermont provides therapeutic community to men and women leaving incarceration and reconciling with the community. One of the main features of the Dismas model is our community dinners in which volunteers prepare and join us for dinner and story sharing.

Going the Dismas PODCAST


@the JAM space

December JAM Lab: 

Painting with Light

Saturday Dec. 3 10am- 2pm 

Instructors: Senior Producer Chico Eastridge & Cinematographer Whittaker Ingbretson

This hands-on workshop will illuminate the power of light to create video art. Studio and location lighting activities will offer tools and techniques for sculpting light or working with what nature gives you to create intentional moving images.

Suited for all ages/levels.

Fee waiver or assistance available.


Details and registration


@ the JAM space & around the Upper Valley

December First Friday Double Header @JAM

Route 5 Jive

An all new swing ‘n hot jazz project featuring Jakob Breitbach, Kit Creeger, Christopher Billiau, and a few surprise guests.

Valley Improv

Founded in 2008 and based in the Upper Valley of NH and VT, Valley Improv has been performing fun and energetic comedy for kids and adults all around northern New England for fourteen years.

Friday Dec. 2

5-8pm FREE @JAM

5 S. Main St. 1st Floor

White River Junction, VT

From around the region...

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