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April Grace
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I am really pleased April is taking over my website and newsletter. 
Am not retiring, just changing the way we do things and letting April handle more of the communication. 
I will continue to write updates on energy changes and tips on dowsing as it seems appropriate. Don’t have all the answers but will share what I find affecting folks. 
April will answer some of the emails and those requesting help will be forwarded to me and I will respond as best I can.
Energy Clearing Update
The weekly energy clearing project is still going due to many success stories. We have added an additional email subscription for folks who are signed up for the energy clearing. It will include a monthly email with a voice recording of Raymon summarizing what he found during the energy work for the month as well as a tip for the upcoming month.
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Starting out the new year with a
personal story from Raymon.

To my friends,

So many times people have problems and have no idea how to begin to solve them. Maybe I can help with a personal story.

When I built my barn over 40 years ago, there was a small tree growing near the barn. I knew the tree would grow and one day be a problem, but building a barn was more urgent than cutting a tree. So 40 years later the tree had grown over the barn and if the wind was strong enough, it could blow the tree on top of the barn.

Since the tree was leaning in the direction of the barn, there was no way I could cut it without it falling on the barn roof.

Hiring a tree trimming crew would have been very expensive... What to do?

I FOCUSED on the tree lying on the ground beside the barn with NO damage to the barn.

I have been thinking of this for at least a year. Then a month ago, the electric power company was cutting trees along the electric power lines. They were using a helicopter with 10 vertical saws to cut the tree limbs that were likely to fall on the electric power lines. 

Following the helicopter was a group of 8 men who would pick up the fallen limbs to stack them or run them through a shredder. 

My land is quite rugged and steep and it would take a lot of work to pick up all the limbs and stack or shred them.

I offered a deal to the boss that I could save him a lot of money. The deal was, I would take care of the tree limbs on the ground if his crew would cut the tree for me.

He contacted the helicopter pilot who then brought the helicopter and cut the limbs out of the tree, making it less dangerous. Then the 7 men used a rope and winch, pulled the tree away from the barn while another man sawed the tree near the ground, making it fall exactly where it did no damage.

Now think about this, What are the chances of me getting a helicopter pilot to appear at the right time to do a job like this?

I think Albert Einstein summed it up well. “Energy follows thought.”

So, whatever the problem, imagine the problem being solved, even though you have no logical way to do it. 

Hope this will help you have a better New Year.