A Note From Raymon

Howdy Folks,

My goal was / is to send you a newsletter every month with beneficial information, and keep it simple.

This month’s title is ‘Protect Your Energy'.

Your body listens while other people are talking. 

This isn’t rocket science, it's common sense. If you are listening to someone complain about their aches, pains, debts and mis-fortunes, your body is hearing this.

Their words and your thoughts are energy~~ your body is matter. One of the principles of my work is ‘Energy is impressed upon matter.’

To expose your body and mind to a continual stream of negativity isn’t going to make you healthy.

This would include family, neighbors, associates, TV news, Social Media, sad and violent movies and tales of woe. 

So you may be thinking “This sounds reasonable but how can I avoid this?’  Really simple ~~ don’t listen. 

Life is a matter of choices. YOU are the one who makes the choices as to whether to smoke, drink alcohol, use drugs, turn on the TV, attend ‘low energy’ gatherings, argue with people on social media and tolerate people who drain your energy.

And your response may be , ‘But this is what our society does? 

You are probably right and this is partly why they have problems. I have NO obligation to share these problems.

Maybe a good way to stop people from sharing the bad news with you is to ask, 'How do you feel this information will benefit me?'

Or you are welcome to use one of my bunt statements , ’This is my life, don’t mess with it.' 

Have been in the business of helping people for a long time, and like the job. I don’t always win but win more than I lose. 

First, you need to train people how to treat you. So, when first talking to a person, I usually tell them, ‘Tell me in one sentence how you hope I can help you.’

If they start rambling, I repeat the statement again. They may have to think it over, but I will wait for them, then we can get on with finding a way to correct the problems.

Some folks don’t get it and I have to tell them, ‘ You seem to think that the more sad stories you tell me, the more I can help you, it doesn't work that way.’

Many of the people I have worked with are energy healers, most have problems or they wouldn’t be contacting me. They have problems because they allow themselves to be a ‘dumping ground' for their clients.

If a person has a problem, and we let it become our problem ~~then we both have problems and NO solutions.

Have removed ‘I’m sorry’ from my vocabulary because it has been demonstrated with 'muscle testing' that the words ‘I’m sorry’ weakens your body. 

Why should we knowingly weaken our body because of the poor choices of another person?

Be kind? YES. Be helpful if possible? YES. Give encouragement? YES. ~~~But to willingly let their bad choices weaken my body?? NO WAY !!!

Since I like to keep these newsletters short, will follow up next month with the subject. ‘Be careful what you say and think ~~because your body is listening’

Enjoy Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Enjoy Fall in the Southern Hemisphere,

Am really THANKFUL to have reached people on the top and bottom of the world. 

My comment on human equality.

After having picked up many truckloads of trash from the riverbank after a flood~~~ I was doubtful that anyone who had cleaned up streams and roadways could believe they were equal to those who scattered the trash. 



Fun On The Farm

In case you folks have never seen a bee swarm, here is one in my front yard. This is the way bees multiply, in the Spring, the bees hatch a new queen and a large number of the bees follow her and gather in trees or on fence posts and in this case, my outdoor oven. 

The white box is a bee hive which I ‘herd’ the bees into. This one was easy, another this week was in a tree and more difficult. 

Life on the farm is never dull.

Comments From Friends Around the World

  • I couldn’t say this openly, but your work was worth much more than what the hospitals did, for a cost of over $100,000. I saw far better results, more quickly.

- Anonymous

  • Thank you Raymon for doing clearing work for me this morning. I felt a big increase in my energy after the clearing.  After a not good experience and not a good day, visiting a new restaurant, I decided to use your Neutralizing Raymon Grace’s Problem Package before I go into any place. I noticed a big difference, less clearing I need to do for myself at the end of the day! THANKS!!

- Suzanne

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