Dec. 27, 2020                 No. 38
To our LifeNets Supporters and Friends!

As the year 2020 draws to an end we want to share with you some of the highlights since our last eNews.

What a year it has been! It has actually been a good one for LifeNets and we want to wholeheartedly thank our donors who have generously supported LifeNets scholarships and projects. You have provided us with the ability to keep up with our commitments to help as we are able.

Thank you for your prayers and interest over the past year. Please enjoy the stories in this eNews and please pray for God's continued blessings and protection for the work that we do. As you can see in these three stories, our supporters have made a life-changing difference in the lives of these people.

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Again, thank you for your support.

With love and appreciation to all of you,

Beverly Kubik
LifeNets President

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A Medical Doctor Graduates in Zambia
A wonderful achievement for Mukumbuta Nawa Talama as she graduated on November 6, 2020, as a medical doctor in Lusaka, Zambia. In Zambia, a country of 17 million inhabitants, only about 50 new doctors are graduated every year and Mukumbuta is one of them. Our heartfelt congratulations to Mukumbuta who is pictured below.
Mukumbuta Talama
Her father, Major Nawa Talama writes the following: 
We write on behalf of the Talama family and indeed on our own behalf to officially report to you that one of your LifeNets Students, Mukumbuta Nawa Talama has successfully completed medical studies and graduated as a Medical doctor on the 06th November 2020, in Lusaka, Zambia

Our family would like to sincerely thank you and President Victor Kubik for the scholarship you offered to help our daughter to undergo a 07-year medical course. It is so hard to express our gratitude to both of you on this piece of paper as we look back to the numerous material and financial support you rendered to us. For this reason, we can only pray to our living God to grant you good health and long life.  

Further, we give thanks to all those who donate finances to this Noble cause. The support you gave us will go a long way as the services of a doctor touches many lives of people.
To the Donors, we would like to encourage them to continue to stretch their giving hands to fund LifeNets International. LifeNets helps the poor in various ways such as Scholarships, Livelihood grants, and Sinking boreholes for clean water for both human beings and their domestic animals.

With these few words, we ask you to accept our sincere gratitude. 
Thank you and God bless you. 
-- Major and Felicia Talama. 
Zambia Copperbelt Graduate Student Speaks
Christopher Mumba
From Cherry Pringle in Kitwe, Zambia:

Christopher Mumba was born on 28 October 1997 and he started Grade One in 2007. His father died when he was in Grade 5 in 2011 and after that he was then sponsored by LifeNets. (His father, Geoffrey Mumba, was the first person to join with UCG together with Derrick and Cherry Pringle.)

Christopher completed his education in 2018 and in March 2019 he started working for Active Agencies (Pringle’s security business). He is still with Active Agencies but his goal is to do Auto Engineering.

I asked him what year he started attending UCG. He said he could not remember as he was young and just found himself there.

Thanks to his mother for her diligence. From her little bit of farming, she has been faithful in putting God first. When her husband died, the rest of the family stripped her of everything including pots and blankets. Life has been difficult for the family but Christopher states that since he has been working he has become like a pillar of the family. He has bought his mother a small plot and facilities to open a small shop in order for her to support the rest of the family. Christopher states that he is changing things bit by bit with the little he has.

This young man is greatly to be admired. He is a hard worker and can be relied on. On his very first day at work, (they work on a Mine here), he told his boss (our Manager) that they should first pray. Since then, Christopher prays for them every morning before work.
Abel the Caterer
Abel Nhlema is one of our scholarship graduates in Malawi who got a job and kept it during the COVID-19 crisis, however, it is not an easy story, but one of hard work and God's blessing.

September 9, 2020

From Dan Ringo. LifeNets Business and Finance Manager, Blantyre, Malawi:

Abel was fortunate enough to secure a job soon after graduating. He studied food production (Catering), He now works at one of Malawi's fine hotels. 

I met him some days ago and asked him how he's doing knowing that the tourism business has suffered greatly. He told me that out of 190 employees at his workplace 165 were laid off due to loss of business caused by COVID-19.

Of these 190 employees, 25 were chefs but now there are only four left including Abel. They are now receiving only 50% of their normal salary but Abel said he is thankful to God that he is not among the 165 employees that were laid off. The fact that he is among the 15% of employees that are still working gives him confidence that his employers like his skills in the kitchen. In addition to having his salary cut, COVID-19 has caused him and his friends to work overtime without pay The explanation they receive is that the company is making up losses due to Covid-19.

However, there are hopes that Abel and his friends will offer their catering services to the Blantyre UCG congregation during this year's Feast of Tabernacles in Blantyre. This will be the first time that Abel and his friends will privately carter an organization since the first COVID-19 case was officially announced in Malawi.

Now fast-forward to October:

Updated October 18, 2020

In my report of 9th September 2020. I mentioned to you that one of LifeNets' beneficiaries (Abel) though affected at work by COVID-19 restrictions, was not among the fellow employees who were dismissed. Only his salary was cut. I mentioned that Abel the chef was in talks with those in charge of catering during the Feast of Tabernacles negotiating terms and conditions of service so that Abel and his friends could offer their catering services during the 2020 Feast of Tabernacles in Blantyre. Well, it worked.

However, the recommendable job that the boys, led by Abel, did was not easy. Time management was a very important factor. Working for an organization that suspended 85% of its staff, meant not getting an easy leave from job. On top of that, being a member of Blantyre UCG and one who knows the importance of God's Holy Days, meant that Abel had to attend the services as well.

Abel and his friends were given accommodation within the church premises. And, they always started the day around 5 a.m.with chopping the salads, cutting what needed to be cut, marinating what needed marinating etc. by 9 a.m. Abel would leave his friends in the kitchen and start preparing for church service which usually starts at 10:30 a.m. At 1:30 p.m. when the meal was being served, Abel and one of his friends would quickly change their clothes and start off to work from where their shift would start at 6 2 a.m. and be dropped off at the church premises again around 3 a..m. to get their 2 hours sleep. The boys were busy but they flawlessly delivered. Have I ever mentioned to you that we use charcoal and at times firewood as a source of power when cooking our meals? 

Unlike the previous Feast of Tabernacles, women had enough time to rest and enjoy the Feast, without worrying about how the food is being prepared knowing well that those handling the kitchen were professionals,
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