Dear Community,

When Food as Medicine Global decided to host its first conference, we wanted to extend an invitation everywhere - to unite agriculture and medicine to support food sovereignty and health justice for all. We wanted to create an event where we could truly join together in advancing an equitable and inclusive food as medicine movement.


After four days of an incredible program featuring speakers and leaders from various parts of the world and participants joining from different backgrounds, life experiences, and time zones, and message after message of how this impacts participants, we are hopeful that our intent for this event actually occurred.

Each presentation offered a unique perspective and provided strength to drive the food as medicine movement forward. What we learn from each other through events like this is how to be more mindful in honoring each other's contributions and to respect the wisdom and experiences of all people - especially Indigenous peoples, whom we center in our efforts; and how we continuously improve the way we define and do right by "inclusion," "belonging," "accessibility," "equity," "justice," "diversity," "decolonization," and "sovereignty."

We were invited to pause, think, be present, be mindful, slow down where it matters, and speed up our efforts fiercely yet compassionately in other ways, too.

From our conference attendees...

“This was easily the most valuable conference I've ever attended. The amount of information was incredible, and the speakers were diverse and experts in their fields. It provided an unbelievable lineup of speakers. I couldn't stop taking notes the whole time because there was so much information to learn. It was a truly wonderful experience, and the community represented at the conference was welcoming and interactive. This conference was absolutely worth the price, and I fully intend to attend next year."

"I was impressed with the incredible diversity of both speakers and presentations, as well as the depth of knowledge that they brought to the table. I was left full and inspired to weave Food as Medicine into the work that I'm doing."

"This conference is a must as it brings together the many voices and a very diverse community of practitioners, scholars, educators and healers from every corner of the world. I enjoyed learning about the indigenous community food choices and how they use food to heal their wounds and trauma. This is so important in todays environment to bring to light the power of natural foods as mother nature intended them. A very informative conference, very inspiring and healing. Thank you for offering this opportunity."

"The Food As Medicine Global conference was very well organized and informative. The global connection with speakers from around the world was heartfelt and inspiring. It contained a message of hope and LOVE!"

"The conference exceeded my expectations in ways unimaginable. I met people with whom I was at home immediately. I felt we created a home-space for this essential work."

Thank you to the inspiring presenters who shared their time, expertise, and experience with us! Thank you to all the attendees for participating with an open mind and heart! Thank you to our supporters and sponsors whose generosity and encouragement made this event possible! Thank you to our Board Members and Circle of Advisors for guiding us! Thank you to Dr. Patricia StandTal Clarke, Melina Meza, and Dr. Griffin McMath for an abundance of live event support!

It is an honor to work with all of you, and all those you will invite to unite in this purpose.

With Immense Gratitude,

Heather Carrie


May 18-19, 2024

Food as Medicine Global 2nd Annual Conference

Registration is still open to access the presentation recordings and Online Community Site!

Thank you conference supporters!

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Our Mission

To facilitate educational conversations and collaborative engagement for unifying agriculture and medicine to support food sovereignty and health justice for all.


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