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Hope Harbor
Merry Christmas 2020
Happy New Year 2021!

Thank you for your gifts and prayers to bring hope and healing to women and children by supporting Hope Harbor in 2020.

Thank you to all of you who have given in so many significant ways this year. We are grateful for your gifts and knowing you are remembering us and this mission. We are so encouraged by your continued support as we prepare to open. When we have the inspections required to allow volunteer work, we will let you know of specific needs. I know you all are eager to hear as plans progress and ways you can be involved. For now, you are charter donors and you are building the foundation of this ministry. God bless you all.

Thank you to the following businesses and foundations for grants awarded late this year:
Washington Federal Bank
Otero County Electric Co-op
Community Foundation of Lincoln County
Dear friends,

Merry Christmas and Blessings for the Holidays and New Year! Thank you for your continued support of Hope Harbor. This God-sized project is only possible as you have partnered with us through your prayerful support as well as your financial and tangible donations. We bless you and are grateful for each of you. 

We always need your help to save victims of abuse. The following testimonials from a Hope Harbor board member, employed as a local teacher, tell why we need you:

On one instance, I had a student report to me that her dad hit her the night before and she ran away to a friend’s house. She was one of five siblings. This family had many instances of turmoil through the years, as the parents were sadly addicted to meth. CYFD had never been able to do much. At this time, though, the mom was clean and had a job and was on a good track. She came to me begging for help with a place to stay so she could get her kids away from the situation and get a fresh start. Sadly, there was no place for her to go. She stayed with a friend awhile but ended up going back to the house because she did not want to be a burden. She is now using again, and the family moved from here because the dad was sick of people getting involved. If Hope Harbor would have been open, we could have helped them. I truly believe that the mom and her kids would be on a great path now, but unfortunately, they weren’t able to get the help they needed.

One night, at 2:00 a.m., I received a call from a female student who was in her closet with her younger sister because her dad was beating up her mom, which was audible in the background. The dad was arrested that night but went straight back home when he got out. The mom did not work and could not leave and make her kids homeless, so she stayed. If Hope Harbor would have been open, she and her kids could have gotten to safety and started a new life. Unfortunately, the family continues with abuse, as CYFD never had enough evidence to remove the kids. The mom would not admit it happened because she feared being homeless. Hope Harbor could have intervened and helped fixed that.

These traumatic stories break our hearts; however, thanks to scores of generous volunteers as well as contractors, non-profits, law enforcement and local utility companies giving of their time, clothing, cash, furniture, and appliances, we are close to opening! With your continued help, Hope Harbor can become a safe harbor for families in need within the next few months!  

As you may be aware, Hope Harbor receives no government assistance of any kind. That is why we need your help. We hope you will make a commitment to this ministry by making a generous gift to Hope Harbor today. Thank you in advance for helping us work toward changing the lives of women and children, one family at a time. With your help, their best days are yet to come.

Hope Harbor
P.O. Box 1296
Ruidoso, NM 88355
 With gratitude,

Lorna Fike
Executive Director

We have had progress in the utilities and the fencing late this year, but this season has had challenges due to covid related delays. We are grateful for each of you as we continue to prepare to open in the next few months. God knows when and who He will bring to live here. In these days of uncertainty we know God is in control and we trust Him.
Please continue to pray for Hope Harbor's leaders, for God to bring the resources to complete the building, and for the families that will live here.

Thank you for supporting the Wreath
This was a huge success, we sold out and shared the joy of the season. We appreciate you all!   
In Honor Of
Gifts may be made in Honor of loved ones for special occasions. Giving a donation in the name of family and friends is a wonderful way to make a meaningful Christmas gift that impacts lives for Jesus.

A gift was given for Christmas
In Honor of Bobby and Louetta Bonham
In Honor of Richard and Dana Bonham
Given by Betty and Teresa Roberts
In Memory Of
When someone close to you goes home to be with the Lord you may want to make a meaningful gift to honor them. Through Memorial Gifts to Hope Harbor their memory can continiue to impact lives for Jesus Christ. You will receive an acknowledgement of your gift and the family of the person remembered will receive a note that there was a gift in their loved one's memory or honor with no mention of the amount. Their memory will continue to bless and bring hope to others. Gifts may also be made in honor of loved ones special occasions.These living gifts will be listed in future newsletters.

In Memory Of Don Robb
Given by Nadine Stafford
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Hope Harbor
P.O.Box 1296
Ruidoso, NM 88355
*Note: Puerto Esperanza Inc is the 501c3 registered name and we are doing business as Hope Harbor. If you are looking for our 501c3 to donate in AmazonSmiles or GoFundMe Facebook fundraisers, etc, please look for Puerto Esperanza Inc.
The mission of Hope Harbor is to offer a Christ-centered program of hope, healing, and supportive guidance for women and children escaping domestic violence.
This up to two-year program offers safe housing, life-skills training, counseling and the opportunity for further education to promote financial stability.
Location in Capitan by appointment only.
Executive Director Lorna Fike
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