You Rock the World!

Thank you so much for joining us for this once-in-a-lifetime event with speakers and friends and cake!

Thank you for sharing about the wonderful work you do to support families. How you meet the needs of breastfeeding and parenting families in our communities is so inspiring!
Thank you to our wonderful featured guests, Marian Tompson and Bill and Martha Sears, all of our speakers and panelists, our donors and exhibitors, and our conference committee and volunteers.

Enjoy all the  photos, videos, and presentations  from our time together - from the music and magic with the kids, to talks on breastfeeding and attachment, panels on discipline and birth and more, to our incredible time with Rebecca Wells and Gary Nicholson on Friday and Saturday evenings!

Together, we really Rock the World!

In gratitude,

La Leche League of Kentucky-Tennessee and Attachment Parenting International