Dear Friends of PSR Philadelphia,

All of us here at PSR Philadelphia would like to thank you immensely for supporting us on #GivingTuesday. Each and every contribution is a step further toward
helping us achieve our mission and enabling you to fight for the issues you care about.

Some of the many pieces of our current work include educating Pennsylvania medical professionals in a hospital setting about the health impacts of unconventional gas development; helping affected community members in a shale region in northeastern Pennsylvania register their health impacts into a health registry; working with our local schools to develop alternative dispute resolution processes; speaking publicly about the potential health risks of a proposed natural gas power plant
in the heart of the already overburdened communities of Nicetown and Tioga in Philadelphia.

Celeen Miller of PSR Philadelphia's Board of Directors invites you to join our new committees that will help expand our mission by d esigning programs, improving communications and strategic planning, and augmenting membership. If you would like to volunteer or donate to alongside us today visit our website or donate today . She has also shared her thoughts about donor advised funds on our blog page.

At PSR Philadelphia the core values of our mission
are to protect our health and environment, and to eliminate violence.
If these are causes you care about too please give generously today
and consider a monthly contribution that helps us to
stabilize our plans to meet the challenges that
we face together in the coming years.  

As a a small and powerful, non-profit public health organization,
we rely on your generosity to keep the
Philadelphia chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility
actively training local speakers and activists
to protect our public health. 

Thank you in advance for keeping us strong and healthy! 

We thank you for your everlasting support !