Across the Navajo Nation, windmills help pump water from under ground into water tanks.
After her training, Cindy began using her Sawyer PointONE Filter to fill pouches with pure water.
Water is a scarce commodity in the Navajo Nation, even for livestock. Every morning, people drive to get water for their livestock.
Sr. Larraine holds the silver spider she received in the Navajo Nation.
For A Great Week in the Navajo Nation, We Say: Ahéheeʼ

That’s the Navajo word for thank you, and we are using it a lot here in the Water With Blessings office after a week of success in the Navajo Nation.

Sr. Larraine returned from her trip with a beautiful gift she received: a silver spider, symbolizing her week of weaving a web of relationships that now form the base of our efforts there to provide clean water for God’s thirsty children.

“That was really the great accomplishment of this important week of work,” she said. “We were able to lay down lines of relationships and find connecting points, for both the pilot projects and for the future development and growth of the whole effort.”
Sr. Larraine leads a training session.
In gratitude, we say Ahéheeʼ for the many other important gifts Water With Blessings received during the week. First to Roger Willie, our Navajo ‘Coach,’ for his mentorship.

We thank Many Farms (Arizona) Chapter President Kathy Arthur (Many Farms, Arizona), who took time to make a video for us, and Matt Yazzie, the Projects Coordinator for Many Farms.

We thank Thoreau (New Mexico) Chapter President Valerie Arviso (Thoreau, New Mexico) and her wonderful Chapter staff members: Vivinita (Nia) Bennett, Pamela Borja, and Olivia Anderson.

We thank the Second Lady of the Navajo Nation, Dottie Lizer, and her staff at the Navajo Westerners Ace Hardware; and Jimmy Ryan and Harold Wilson of Native Solutions for their work.
Sr. Larraine had a great support team in John Ortiz and his family members across the Nation. They provided room and board for Sister on many of her stops, and lent her the car she drove during her stay. Thanks to Sr. Jacinta Powers OSU (who hosted Sr. Larraine in Chinle, Arizona) and other Catholic Sisters who welcomed her and offered advice and support.
And to all the members of our Community for Mission who made this work possible, we say one more time: Ahéheeʼ! (To hear how this beautiful word is pronounced, please click the button below.)
Our Partners In Zambia Keep The Water Flowing
The Water With Blessings partners in Zambia continue to make great progress in training and equipping Water Women. The dedication to the Zambian people demonstrated by Fr. Douglas Ogato and Sr. Theresa Konsolo (seen in the pictures above) inspires us to want to help them as much as we can.

Earlier this month, they completed the last phase of the distribution in a very impoverished area called Daga. The women of the area composed a letter, written in Bemba, their local language, expressing “the gratitude, joy, and the impact the filters will bring in the lives of the women, children, and the households.”

Before the session began, everyone had the opportunity to come forward and have their first drink of filtered water. The words were heard over and over in Bemba: AMENSHI YABUMI! (Water With Blessings!).”
With all this good news to share, please consider passing this newsletter on to your family and friends. Who knows -- they may want to join our Community for Mission and help bring clean water to God's thirsty children.
Our Capital Campaign Roars Forward
As you can see in the picture, the raindrops are filling the front window of our new offices.

We place a new one there every time we receive a gift for our first capital campaign: Makin’ It Rain For God’s Thirsty Children. We are very excited to be at $300,00; that's 75% of the way toward our goal.

We appreciate all the donors who have invested in our vision for the future. By having our new offices and warehouse space paid off, and expanding our marketing and development outreach, we know we will be able to reach our goal of training 100,000 new Water Women each year by the year 2030.

Please consider helping us reach our goal. You can contact Rebecca Stutsman, our Chief Development Officer, by calling our office or by email at Or you can click the button below to find out more.

May God bless you abundantly for your generosity.
Giving Thanking To God for The Blessings Of Fathers
Water Women are the backbone of Water With Blessings. But as we mentioned last week, in many parts of the world fathers do much more than try to provide for their families. Often they are the only source of protection, either from the dangers of the natural world, or from human predators when there is a lack of local law enforcement.

And often they sacrifice as much for their children as their mothers do, going a little hungry so the children can eat more, or wearing clothes a little longer in order so they can buy bigger sizes for growing kids.

Today, as we give thanks for our own fathers, let us honor them by making the $75 gift of a filter and bucket. That way, a father in the developing world can have the joy of seeing his children drinking clean water, the way God intended.
On Coffee Chat This Week: We Hear About the Work Happening in Zambia
Our partners Fr. Douglas Ogato and Sr. Theresa Konsolo are doing incredible work in Zambia. This week on Coffee Chat they will give us an update. And as you have heard in the past, it will be a joy-filled conversation.

Also, we may have some more news from the Navajo Nation.

Many people have said they can’t join us for the Chat, but would like to check it out later. Well, you’re in luck. Just click the button at the bottom to watch last week’s Chat.

But for the rest of you, grab your beverage and log in to another great Coffee Chat, this coming Friday at Noon Eastern Time. As always, we look forward to having you with us!
Calling All Amazon Shoppers

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It's very easy to get started. Just click the link below and you will be taken to the Water With Blessings page on From there you can do your shopping as you would regularly, only this time you will be helping Water With Blessings as you purchase.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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