Dear Tau Alumni, Parents, and Actives, 

It’s my pleasure to announce that our successful 2020 rush season has produced a pledge class of 59 top quality young men, among the finest on the UT campus. 

As you can imagine, the pandemic posed serious challenges for rush season. However, with some strategic planning, we managed to arrange small dinners and outdoor gatherings to meet and visit with potential new members throughout the spring and summer. 

I want to thank everyone who contributed to this year’s effort. Without your support, our success would not have been possible. 

2020 Kappa Sigma Rush Donors: 
Kristin Allen
J. Thomas Bagby
Tito Beveridge
Chad Blackwell
William Boyce
Tom Chambers
Baird Craft
Tom Cravens
Terryl Filip
Kevin Grace
Danny Grant
Andrew Gray
Gene Henk
Mitchell Howington
William Jackson
Anne Meredith Lamberton
Jay Lesok
Joe Longley
Roy Markum
Wayne Marotto
John Martin
Bobby McGehee
Gary Moss
Kevin Mulligan
Steve Murrin
Jay Piper
Leah Ragiel
Christina Norris
John Ross
Joe Russo
John Sarvadi
Rick Schindel
Paul Shaffer
Mike Sharpe
Joe Bob Shirley
Kip Sowden
Dee Sullivan
Carl Thorne-Thomsen
Dennis Tottenham
James Tracy Jr.
Reggie Tuck
Gary Walsh
Rick Warren
Bob White
Bill Zwiener
In addition to monetary contributions, we appreciate everyone who recommended a potential new member to us. Your recommendations helped us connect with guys we might have otherwise missed. 

We owe a special thank you to Rick Warren for providing his wildlife gallery and to Rob Lippincott for providing Guero’s Taco Bar for frequent small group gatherings. It was a great help for us to have safe places to meet. 

Thank you, everyone, who supported Kappa Sigma Rush 2020. 
Tiernan J. Schindel
 State Rush Captain 
(512) 550-3333