The living room at Daybreak's newest house. Please see below for more pictures!

Thank you!

Our second Refugee Home is now open!!!

We couldn't have done this without your help!

I'm sure you are all aware through media reports of the strain on shelter resources in the City of Ottawa including an increased number of of asylum seekers and refugees in shelter. Seeing an opportunity for Daybreak to help with the overload, we engaged a realtor and started looking to rent a property specifically to house newcomers to Canada. Following an intensive search, we secured a lease on a beautiful property in the south end of the city and very quickly after secured a second!

10 female residents moved into our first home on March 1st. So far 5 have gained employment and others are at school or waiting for employment opportunities to open up. We took possession of our second home May 1st and subsequently had an open house for board, staff, residents and donors on Saturday 11th May. The new residents are moving in week of the 13th. In two weeks staff worked diligently to procure, assemble and furnish a completely empty 5 bedroom house into a home anyone would be happy to live in.

Staff sourced the new residents from the shelter system in the downtown core.

A big thank you to the donors who assisted in purchasing items/making a cash donation. Thank you to St Peter's, St John and Resurrection Lutheran churches and their joint services committee for donating handmade quilts and slippers for the new residents (see bedroom photos below).

Special thank you Christie Halpenny!

Christie came to Daybreak in March informing us that her husband's band were doing a charity fundraiser at the Westboro Legion in mid-April and wished to donate the proceeds to Daybreak. Christie was informed of the expansion plans, the new houses and that Daybreak would be housing female refugees. The end outcome - the event raised close to $8000!!! Christie indicated that she would like the funds to be used for the purchasing of furniture for the new property. Daybreak did not argue and the outcome is indicated in the below images!

A huge thank you to Christie, her husband Jamie, the band, The Unknowns and band members - Jeremy, Al, JP and David. Big shout out to the people that attended the fundraiser and gave so generously to the cause. A thank you again from Daybreak. We really appreciate your time, efforts and generosity.

Thank you to all of our generous donors for helping us open this home and move 10 women out of the shelter system!

If you would like to help us continue to outfit our new homes, please click the links below or reach out to

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Christie Halpenny - Daybreak fundraiser

The Unknowns fundraising for Daybreak

Christie Halpenny with Patience and Claudette in the new living room.

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