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26 Adar 2, 5784 | April 5, 2024 | Torah Portion: Shemini - Hachodesh | Issue #774

Have a Good Shabbos - Shabbat Shalom. Next week in Jerusalem!
Rabbi Yakov & Shulamit Kirschenbaum 

We pray to G-d that our brothers and sisters in our Holy Land of Israel be safe and unharmed, that the wounded be healed, that the hostages return home safely and unharmed, that the murdered be avenged, that the IDF utterly defeats our enemies, and that all our soldiers return home safely and unharmed.

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Thank you to R' Yitzchak Friedman for being the Rabbi and Torah-reader this coming Shabbos at Chabad.

Thank you to Geoff and Adina for taking care of the meals and the kitchen this coming Shabbos at Chabad.

Much appreciated!

Mazal Tov to Benjy and Leora upon their upcoming marriage this coming Sunday. May it be in a good and auspicious time, and may they build an eternal edifice and faithful home among the Jewish people.
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Shabbat Candle Lighting
Friday, April 5
Light Candles at: 7:07 pm

Shabbat, April 8
Shabbat Ends: 8:08 pm

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Services are held at the Chabad House - 50 Overlook Terrace, side entrance

Shabbos P. Shemini - Hachodesh
shul - kleiman

Minchah, Kabolas Shabbos: 7:15 pm


Tanya & Tuna: 9:30 am
Say Shema before: 9:44 am
Shacharit: 10:00 am

Services followed by a kiddush, sponsored by David Huggins, in honor of his new job. Mazal Tov!
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Talmudic-Tales Class: 6:20 pm
Minchah: 7:05 pm
Maariv/Shabbat Ends: 8:08 pm
The Amazing Number Eight
Life Lessons From the Parshah - Shemini
By Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon, emissary of the Rebbe to Tarzana, CA; Art by Rivka Korf Studio
The word shemini, which is the title of this week’s parshah, translates as “eighth” in Hebrew.

Towards the end of last week’s parshah, Tzav, we read about the Seven Days of Consecration. These seven days commenced on the 23rd of Adar in the year 2449, almost a year after the Exodus from Egypt. During this period, Moses erected and dismantled the Tabernacle and performed the prescribed service (i.e., brought all the offerings) each day.

In contemporary language, we’d call this week a “practice run.” Moses assumed the role of the High Priest throughout these seven days, and Aaron played the part of the customer.
Fixated on Chicken Wraps
Compiled and supplemented by R. Yerachmiel Tilles from an email of Chabad.Org. Taken from Ascentofsafefd.com
In the summer of 2022, one of our sons was going to an overnight camp in Canada via New York City, We had plans to drive him there--about an 8 hour trip from Chautauqua, NY, where we [Rabbi Zalman & Esther Vilenkin] direct the local Chabad center-but had to reschedule when we received an update that luggage drop-off necessitated that we arrive a day earlier.

Since we had a pre-existing obligation until 2 p.m. on the afternoon of our departure, our goal was to be all packed and ready to leave immediately afterward. My husband arrived home and when he noticed that we had a lot of leftover chicken, he suggested that we make chicken wraps for everyone to eat on the way.
What’s Kosher About a Pig?
Who isn’t turned off by a hypocrite?

Most of us try to keep away from people who act outwardly righteous, yet are immoral on the inside. Judaism admires the quality of being “of one mouth and one heart,” someone who feels as they act.

But that doesn’t mean you should always act or say how you feel!

Sure, we appreciate honesty, but don’t be ruthlessly insulting just because you’re in a lousy mood. Clearly, there are times when our insides are better left inside. Everyone around us doesn’t need to suffer from our grouchy temperament.
Vegan Magic Cookies Recipe. All Variations
By Levana Kirschenbaum | 4/20/16
Magic Cookies!

Two deliciously loaded words! Breakfast could be just a few minutes away, just because they are the perfect breakfast cookies! This is why we see them so often on breakfast menu: They are 100% nutritionally correct, so they totally belong there!

They are perfect in bars too!
A Jewish man goes hiking in the woods one day, and he comes across a giant bear. The bear notices the man and chases him into a nearby cave. Terrified, the man decides to spend his last few moments closing his eyes saying the Sh'ma. After finishing his prayer, the man opens his eyes and sees the bear is davening in front of him. The man thinks, "Baruch Hashem, I've found a Jewish bear! I must pray with him." He leans in and hears the bear say "...hamotzi lechem min ha'aretz."
"Everyone must regard himself and the world as evenly poised between good and guilt...If he performed a good deed, he has shifted the balance of his fate, and that of the entire world to good, and has brought deliverance and salvation upon himself and upon them all."
-Maimonides, Laws of Teshuvah Ch. 3, Law 4
"The time of our redemption has arrived!"
The Lubavitcher Rebbe, 1990-1 - see Yalkut Shimoni Yeshayahu, remez 499