TerraCrux Newsletter: Volume 2 Issue 1
Greetings TerraGamer,
As this is the first newsletter of the year (aka volume 2) we would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves to our growing readership;

We are TerraCrux Games; your analog solution to the digital world.

A family friendly game store, we offer products and support for board games, tabletop role playing games, mini-war games, the Magic: the Gathering trading card game, and more. We have lots of table space that is free to use and a comprehensive open game library.

And if you are new to hobby crafting, we welcome you to come learn to paint with us! We have all the basic materials and a very knowledgeable staff who look forward to doing what they can to make your mini's look awesome.

We are always looking to support our local gamers and the broader community. We want you to play more games and so have events scheduled for every day that we are open. Check out our CALENDAR for more details.

There are also a number of special events for 2020 so keep an eye on our website, Facebook, and Instagram for all the latest updates. We are especially excited to begin our Middle Earth: Strategy Battle Game league. Sign up is happening now and you can check out details HERE .

That's all for now. And, as always;
Why did the Dragon sleep all day? So it could hunt knights.
Keep on gaming,
TerraCrux Games
Upcoming Releases!

Theros: Beyond Death Prerelease Weekend!

Get Tickets HERE
More New Releases at TerraCrux Games!
Board game & Tabletop Preorders: HERE
New Product: New for Warhammer 40k, Wherever the Sisters of Battle advance across the battlefield the light of the Emperor spreads like a holy dawn, manifesting in miracles that see the bolts and blasts of the enemy turned impossibly aside or the foe consumed by the fires of righteous retribution.

Preorder it HERE!
Enter a vast, underwater cosmos: a mysterious interconnected world of sharp teeth, glowing eyes, and black ink. Oceans is a 2-6 player strategy game in the Evolution game series where you create a vibrant web of marine life through millions of years of evolution. The Evolution games are known for vivid themes, easy rules, and hidden depth. HERE!
Current and Upcoming Events
Every Tuesday come join us and the Tacoma Area Gamers Guild to play great games with great people.

Come try out the newest and fastest growing format in the Magic the Gathering Trading Card Game. Legal sets go back to Return to Ravnica and the meta is ever fluid. Try it this Friday.

Giant monsters fighting Giant robots in a city that gets destroyed either way. Sounds like a nice evening.

Welcome to Middle Earth, you know the stories, you've heard the legends, now you can be a part of it all! This is a fast paced skirmish game where players will lead armies and hold the familiar territories of Middle Earth.

760 Commmerce St.
Tacoma, WA 98402