TerraCrux Newsletter: Volume 1 Issue 2

We at TerraCrux Games are proud to announce the anniversary of our 6th year of business. We could not have done it without you! To show our appreciation, we are having a party, and you are invited! Come in on September 12th and we will have door prizes, raffles and cupcakes. 
Additionally, every purchase (excluding Magic the Gathering products) will get 3d6 percent off their total at the register!
Hint: A=S
Keep on gaming,
Terracrux Games
Upcoming Releases!
All Throne of Eldraine Preorder's HERE
Preorder Tickets to the Prerelease HERE ASAP they are going fast!
New Releases at TerraCrux Games!
All board and table top game Preorders: HERE
New Product: Dungeons and Dragons Essentials Kit: Everything adventurers need to start playing the worlds best role playing game out of the box with new special "side-kick" rules for two player games.
Preorder HERE!
Games Workshop Preorders HERE
Ultramarines are exemplars of everything it means to be a Space Marine .The Invictor Tactical Warsuit is a stripped-back variant on the Redemptor Dreadnought frame. Instead of a revenant hero in a sarcophagus, this combat walker is piloted by a live Primaris Space Marine.   Preorder HERE!
Current and Upcoming Events
Join us for the Commander 2019 release event. Try the latest deck variants with your fellow Planeswalkers, Read More
Forge your fate in Hellfire! Experience new adventures and great dangers. Preorder the the limited edition cover at no extra cost.  Read More
We are excited to announce the Throne of Eldraine prerelease event. Pre-pay for a discount!  Read More
2000 points with a 3 detachment limit. Come and be a part of our growing 40k Community  Read More
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