Take Action Today! Urge Congress to pass a new COVID relief bill
The following is from Housing California
Struggling Families and Renters need help now!
To realize a just and equitable recovery from the COVID pandemic, Congress must prioritize the health and safety of everyone living in this country. The United States has the means to rebuild towards a better future for all families and neighbors. To date, over 300,000 Americans have died from COVID and infection rates continue to rise dramatically throughout the nation. A new relief bill is in the works and would bring desperately-needed aid to those struggling the most, but we need your help to push the proposal over the finish line.

A bi-partisan group of Congressional members has proposed a new COVID relief bill, which includes $25 billion for emergency rental assistance prioritized for those most at risk of eviction, and extends the CDC’s eviction moratorium until January 31st, 2021. We must build the momentum to pass this much-needed proposal while encouraging Congress to do more for struggling families and neighbors. This is where you come in.

Email your member of Congress NOW, and urge them to pass this bi-partisan bill today.

As the lines at the food bank increase and millions of people face looming eviction, we cannot delay another moment. We know that members of Congress listen to constituents, and pressure is mounting across the board from landlords, advocates, business owners and other stakeholders. The urgency increases further as the government faces shutting down by December 18 without a spending bill from Congress. With a boost from you, we can win this fight.

Let’s help our most vulnerable neighbors, ensuring a just and equitable recovery while protecting loved ones from COVID exposure as we continue to shelter-in-place. If you would like other ways to press for a new relief package, check out the social media toolkit from the National Low Income Housing Coalition. A moment of your time today can save tens of thousands of lives in the coming months.