Telehealth Update
Telehealth Regulatory Information

On Tuesday of last week, we shared some key practice management considerations, including some information about offering telehealth services. Here is some additional information, relative to applicable telehealth regulatory issues.
From Kim Cavitt, AuD, As Posted on Linkedin

Kim Cavitt, Au.D., President of Audiology Associates and a noted resource in coding and billing offers "three important points about telehealth and Audiology:
  1. Your state has to allow audiologists, either in licensure or emergency order, to provide telehealth in your state.
  2. Medicare STILL requires a physician order and medical necessity and STILL does not cover treatment services provided by an audiologist.
  3. Payers generally ONLY cover services vie telehealth that they would also cover in face to face interactions."

State Laws and Regulations For Telepractice

Although it is always recommended for hearing health care providers to contact their state licensing board(s) regarding what is or isn't included in licensed practice procedures, here is a simple state-by-state tracking of licensing laws and regulations relative to telehealth that may be useful in informing your decisions about telehealth services.

Click Here for pdf.