As many of you have read, on Wednesday evening the IRS officially announced that they are extending the deadline for 2020 federal tax returns from April 15th to Monday, May 17th, 2021.

While this is a small reprieve, that extension unfortunately did not change the April 15th due date for 2021 first quarter estimated payments. Thus, if you typically pay estimates, you will still need to pay the first quarter amount by April 15th. Furthermore, not all states have extended their filing deadline, including Virginia (due date remains May 1st). Here is a list of states that have provided updates to their usual deadline:

  • Alabama - May 17
  • California - May 17
  • Colorado - May 17
  • Illinois - May 17
  • Kentucky - May 17
  • Louisiana - June 15 
  • Maine - May 17
  • Maryland - July 15
  • Massachusetts - May 17 
  • North Carolina - May 17 
  • Pennsylvania - May 17 
  • South Carolina - May 17 
  • West Virginia - May 17 
  • Wisconsin - May 17 

I have had several clients ask if the new due date means that I will not need to extend their returns. While we continue to work hard to file as many returns on time as possible, the lack of an extension on estimates and state returns means that our workload has not been eased very much. As soon as I have a good draft of your returns ready, I will be in touch with a list of any remaining items or wrap-up questions that need to be addressed before filing can be completed.

Thank you for your patience, and we will let you know if these deadlines change in the coming weeks.