August 2020
Technology Law Update

Prevent Autodesk Business Disputes from Turning into an Audit
In some cases, responding to a request for a self-assessment can escalate into a contractual audit. The following are tips for navigating the self-assessment process and reaching a resolution for any licensing disputes.

The Art of Negotiating a Software Audit
Licensing software from major publishers, such as IBM, Oracle and Microsoft, means software audits from these and other providers are not only likely, they can wreak havoc on your company. Here are some questions to keep in mind when you negotiate with software publishers demanding audits across your enterprise IT infrastructure.

How Can Scott & Scott, LLP Help You?

We have more than a decade of experience and our legal and technology staff have handled hundreds of software licensing transactions, software audits, technology contracts and IT transactions.To learn more about our services, contact Robert J. Scott, Managing Partner, at for more information.