Shipley Nature Center Newsletter - April 13, 2024

Huntington Central Park West, 17851 Goldenwest Str, Huntington Beach, CA

Team Rubicon Clears Overgrown Area in Flooded Portion of Nature Center

Team Rubicon is a veteran-led humanitarian organization that serves global communities before, during, and after disasters and crises. They specialize in using saws and other instruments to quickly clear vegetation in impacted areas to facilitate rescue and rebuilding. One of their local Orange County administrators, Arthur Hasegawa, contacted Friends of Shipley Nature Center, with an offer to perform volunteer work at Shipley Nature Center. Shipley's groundskeepers, had already begun the work of clearing access beside the old, flooded trail along Goldenwest Street as the first phase of the trail rebuilding. Friends of Shipley Nature Center accepted Team Rubicon’s offer, held a site visit, and a work plan was drawn. 

Team Work

Work Day Begins

Along that flooded trail, Team Rubicon cleared thick, overgrown vegetation and cut back willow trees. By stockpiling the brush along the upper area, they helped create a stable access path for future work on the realigned trail. The dedicated members of the group have expressed their enthusiasm to return for additional projects as required, showcasing their commitment and passion for the work they do.

Over their two-day work period, those individuals performed 270 hours of volunteer service. Which created a dollar support of $8,585 for the benefit of Shipley Nature Center. Per the National value of each volunteer hour at $31.80. The Friends contributed $600 for lunch during their work days on March 3 and 4, 2024.

Work Areas

Creating Lasting Relationships

During the work by Team Rubicon, Friends of Shipley Nature Center presented their progress when he toured the area with the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem of Huntington Beach. This illustrated the impactful work being done with volunteer labor. This initiative not only benefits the community directly but also aligns perfectly with the requirements for matching funds under the State Trails grant, should it be awarded.

We take pride in our commitment to fostering strong relationships and collaborations, working hand in hand with the City to raise and contribute matching funds in good faith. Together, we are making a positive impact and building a brighter future for all. Join us in our mission to create lasting change and empower our community. Please let us know if you or your group have the capacity to help us further with in-kind labor or dollars. Thank you!

Work Areas
Setting Up and Lunch

The Friends of Shipley Nature Center is a non-profit organization formed to manage the nature center as an ecological sanctuary for California native plants and wildlife and to provide environmental education in an urban setting in partnership with the City of Huntington Beach, the local community, and the wider world.


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