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Rejuvenate: To make young or youthful again!

At Anewalt’s, we love the changes that come with each season, but especially the rejuvenation every year that comes in the spring.

Having grown up on a vineyard, I pruned hundreds of grapevines in my day. I understand the deep meaning of pruning, especially a rejuvenation pruning, when you cut a plant almost back to the ground so that it can bring forth new growth. It can be a bit intimidating to cut back so far, but it is necessary to give new life and vigor to the plant.  

This spring, along with the trees, flowers, grasses, and yes, the grapes we love, Team Anewalt’s is rejuvenated and ready to create the outdoor spaces of your dreams.

After 34 years in business, we are really Coming Alive in Year 35 in a youthful way with a new team, a new logo, a new attitude, and even better customer service and quality.

Join us as we Come Alive and help you experience the blessings of each season with Team Anewalt’s bringing you the beauty of your own great outdoors.

Lori Anewalt and Team Anewalt's

Anewalt's Team is Coming Alive!

Thanks Berks County for choosing Anewalt’s as your premiere landscape company! Anewalt’s is a GRCA Business Excellence award winner. Congratulations to the other winners! Team Anewalt’s is coming alive in year 35, a year of REJUVENATION!

Anewalt's Team Spotlight:

Mike Davis, Operations Manager

Learning about Anewalt’s reputation and quality of work during his past years in the business led Mike to seek a career with us.

A wealth of knowledge comes along with Mike who grew up involved in his parents’ florist business. Although Mike did do landscape work for another area company, he also followed in his parents’ footsteps by operating his own landscape business for seventeen years.

A graduate of Wilson High School and Alvernia University with a B.A. in business management, Mike is also a NALP – certified horticulture technician, and holds a SIMA – ASM certification and a DOT CDL Class A license.

Mike and his wife, Karen, were married in September 2022 and have five children between them, with one granddaughter.

Great moments for Mike are spent relaxing on his deck, trips to the shore, spending time with his wife and family, and eating seafood. He enjoys all types of music, depending on his mood that day.

Mike also loves to spend time fishing and playing golf, and enjoys watching football, especially when the Eagles are playing. He has had the unique experience of both playing and refereeing water polo!

Mike is looking forward to growing with Anewalt’s and enjoys interacting with our clients and having new outdoor experiences every day.

Plant Health: Aphids Are Back!

Anewalt’s offers two Plant Health Care programs to help eliminate these pests.

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