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Dear Lori,

BTCP Curriculum is a good tool that we have been using to transfer to many pastors so far. We have built teacher teams in different areas mostly in the Central and the North of Vietnam. Having good tools at hand doesn’t mean that the teaching ministry is achieved. Building teacher teams for them can support each other in teaching, but teaching exchange is not enough. Many pastors living in remote areas lack adequate educational institutions and Bible colleges because of poverty economic constraints, cultural and linguistic barriers, etc. Some of them just finished Elementary school, some finished secondary school, and not many have high school degrees.

Local pastors/teachers play a crucial role in shaping the spiritual lives and communities of believers. Their development and growth are vital for the health and effectiveness of the church. A well-equipped and continuously developed pastor can provide sound biblical teaching, practical guidance, and effective leadership to the congregation. Investing in local pastors' development ensures that they stay grounded in theological truths, adapt to changing cultural contexts, and acquire practical skills to address the diverse needs of their flocks. Moreover, empowering local pastors fosters a sense of ownership and sustainability within the church community, as they are better positioned to contextualize the gospel message and lead in a culturally relevant manner. Ultimately, prioritizing local pastors' development strengthens the church's ability to fulfill the Great Commission and impact communities for Christ.

It's important to note that while formal education is valuable, it is not the only measure of a pastor's effectiveness or spiritual depth. However, providing greater access to educational resources and support systems in remote areas could help equip pastors with the necessary knowledge and skills to better serve their communities. We, CCI Vietnam, are making our great effort to develop our teachers once every 4 months. At every meeting, we spend time on feedback from the materials to see if it needs to be clarified and lead practical seminars.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

National Director/CCI Vietnam

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Below are some photos of CCI classes located in the south, central and the north.


By God’s grace, Pastor T, a pastor and a businessman, developed the topic called: Entrepreneurship Based on Biblical Principles. Based on his observations as he traveled many areas, many Christian families don’t know how to do or start their business. The purpose of this seminar is to help Christian families align their business practices with their faith, make ethical decisions, empower themselves economically, be witnesses for Christ, and contribute to community development. 

Below is a testimony from a participant: 

"I am extremely grateful to Pastor T for diligently developing such a relevant topic for the church today, and for his sacrifice in coming to remote areas to teach us. He always reminds us that the purpose of this course is not to teach us how to get rich but to understand the biblical guidance related to work. There are two important things I have learned in the past two days. As someone who is not a businessperson, I thought I didn't need to learn about business. The lessons have helped us understand that building a resilient family economy and knowing how to create an economy based on existing local resources is crucial. Many family farmers simply follow trends and sometimes fall victim to the influence of others, resulting in the loss of their harvest. I thank God for the lessons that have guided me towards building a more stable family economy.”

Mr. C

God’s Financial Principles Seminar Testimony

"For the first time, I have learned and retained things that were previously unknown to me. One aspect I was unaware of and lacked knowledge in was how to effectively use and save money, as well as managing finances responsibly. Additionally, I had not taught my children about financial literacy, and I had limited understanding of investments and business. However, through my recent experiences, I have come to realize the significance of prioritizing a reverent and respectful fear of God. I have also recognized the importance of working diligently and practicing frugality in all areas of life, while actively avoiding debt.

The most crucial lesson I have discovered for attaining blessings in my life is to fear God and lead an honest existence. Although I have not had extensive financial training, my understanding of God's teachings regarding finances has significantly deepened."

Giang Thi Vang

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Prayer Requests & Praises

On May 13-14, 2024, the National Director led a Teachers Training Workshop (TTW) in central Vietnam. A brand new province and denominational church that CCI Vietnam reached out.

May 13-17, 2024, Pastor S taught Book 3: New Testament Survey. This is a significant class, as it will be taught fully in the Vietnamese language.

May 26-29, the National Director is going to train Hmong teachers in the North area. This is the first Teacher Training Development for Hmong teachers in this area.

Please pray for 2 classes that are going to graduate in two central Vietnam locations. Pastors T and M will represent the CCI team at these two events.

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