Teach Climate Justice
The climate crisis threatens our students' lives. And yet, throughout the United States, schools have failed to put the climate at the center of the curriculum.

To address this gulf between the climate emergency and schools' inadequate response, our Zinn Education Project (coordinated by Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change) has launched a campaign to Teach Climate Justice

The campaign provides classroom-tested lessons, workshops for educators, and a sample school board climate justice resolution.

Please use these lessons and additional recommended materials, send us your teaching stories, and spread the word on social media ( #TeachClimateJustice). 

The climate crisis is not going away. That means that teaching for climate justice is work we all need to do. Join us.
Teacher Resources
Share Your Story — Get a Free Book!
Stories from the classroom can inform and inspire more teachers to use lessons on climate justice. We invite you to share your story. Selected responses will be posted at the Zinn Education Project website. We will send you a free book in appreciation for your teaching story about any of the climate justice lessons.
Environment / Climate Justice Books
The Teach Climate Justice campaign is made possible by support from individuals like you. Please donate today so that more teachers receive free lessons, books, and workshops to support Climate Justice teaching in their classrooms. The future depends on your support. Donate now!