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No Deduction For Out-of-Pocket Business Expenses
Shareholder Compensation
Employee vs. Independent Contractor: Which Is Best For Your Business?
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December 17
Corporations: Deposit the fourth installment of your 2018 estimated tax.

January 15, 2019
Individuals: Fourth quarter estimated tax payments due

December 2018

In between planning holiday get-togethers and entertaining the kids during winter break, we figured you could use a gentle reminder about upcoming estimated taxes and a handful of important tax-related items.
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No Deduction For Out-Of-Pocket Business Expenses

Uniforms, continuing education, and work-related travel are just a few expenses employees are no longer able to deduct. Alternatives to simply footing the bill include the creation of an accountable reimbursement plan. > How it works

Shareholder Compensation
It's an IRS-friendly move to b uild a compensation plan into your business right from the start. Depending on your business structure, that plan may designate a standard salary, stock options, or salary with bonus option, for example.  > A brief examination

Help Wanted
Employee vs. Independent Contractor: Which Is Best For Your Business? 

Hiring an employee could be the better choice if the job is essential to your business. However, an independent contractor might be a better fit for a short-term project with a known end date.  > You decide

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