Tau Alumni Celebrate Man of the Year Mike Sharpe ’79
Tau Man honoree Mike Sharpe ’79 flanked by TKSEF Chairman Bill Zwiener ’73 and past TKSEF Chairman Jim Pritchett ’71. 
As an undergraduate, he was a Tau Chapter delegate to the 1979 Conclave and has attended four other conclaves as an alumnus while serving on the House Corporation over the past 11 years.
Tau Man honoree Mike Sharpe ’79 (second from right) with daughter Madison, brother-in-law Steve Foy ’75, wife Jenny, and daughter Morgan. 
Pledge Class ’79: Danny Grant, Bobby Greer, John Kincade, Pat Appel, John Martin, Mike Sharpe, Mitchell Howington, and Brian Miller. John Martin is holding a photo of a scavenger hunt held during their UT days. 
Tau Man honoree Mike Sharpe ’79 (second from left) with former Tau Man of the Year honorees Rick Warren ’78 (2012), Reggie Tuck ’69 (2018), and Jim Pritchett ’71 (2013).