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Daily Specials

May 16

*Must be a current Mid-Atlantic region account holder or Seven Fish Club Member for daily discounted prices.

Price and availability are subject to change.

*Additional freight charges may apply.

The prices are valid for Thursday delivery or pick-up only.

Raw Lobster Meat

100% Tail Meat

5 lb Unit

Tonight's Price: $25.00/lb


Blue Parrot Fillets

House Cut

Skin On Fillets

Tonight's Price: $14.75/lb


Mediterranean Sardines

Wild Caught

Skin on Fillets: $9.50/lb

Whole Fish, 11 lb Case: $7.50/lb


Tiger Mackerel

Sushi Grade

10-12 lb Whole: $7.95/lb

Skin on Fillet: $14.75/lb


Fresh Hamachi

Ranch Raised in Japan

Skin on Fillets

Tonight's Price: $16.50/lb


Wild King Salmon

Caught in the Columbia River

Whole Fish: $21.00/lb

Skin on Fillets: $27.00/lb


Wild Dover Sole

Caught off the North Sea

16-18 oz Each

Tonight's Price: $19.25/lb


Key West Ono (Wahoo)

The Sunshine State's Best

Skin on Loin Sales

Tonight's Price: $15.75/lb


Tropical Red Fish

From Mauritius Island

Skin on Fillets

Tonight's Price: $13.75/lb



Farm Raised

Skin on Fillets

Tonight's Price: $14.75/lb


Orange Corvina

Wild Caught

Skin on Fillets

Tonight's Price: $13.75/lb


Fresh #2 Yellowfin Tuna

Skin off Loin, Blood Line Out

10-12 lbs Each 

Tonight's Price: $9.25/lb


Golden Tilefish

Mid Atlantic Caught

Fresh Skin on, PBI Fillets

Tonight's Price: $15.75/lb


Fresh Skate

Locally Caught

Skin off, PBO Fillets

Tonight's Price$10.75/lb


Soft Shell Crabs


2.5 Dozen Minimum

Tonight's Price: $85.00/dz


Wild Swordfish

House Cut

Skin on Loins

Tonight's Price: $10.75/lb


American Red Snapper

Skin on Fillets

Cut From 2-4 lb Fish

Tonight's Price: $21.75/lb


Wild Striped Bass

Skin on Fillets from 8 plus lb Fish

 Sorry, No NJ Sales

Tonight's Price: $17.95/lb


Wild Fresh Mahi Mahi

House Cut

Skin on, PBO Fillets

Tonight's Price: $11.75/lb


Fresh Steelhead Trout

Raised in Chile

Skin on Fillets

Tonight's Price: $7.50/lb


Fresh Trim!

10 lb Minimum

Chowder Fish: $0.49/lb

Salmon: $1.99/lb


Oyster of the Evening

Royal Miyagi

From Washington

Tonight's Price: $1.00/ea


Scottish Salmon

Raised in Scotland

15 - 17 lb Whole Fish

Special Price: $6.75/lb


Hollander & Dekoning


Sold in 10 lb Bags

Tonight's Price: $24.00/bag


Exotic Produce...

Morel Mushrooms

Wild from the Pacific NW

Sold in 3 lb Units

Tonight's Price: $33.00/lb


Wild Ramps

From Pacific Northwest

3 lb Bag

Tonight's Price: $25.00/lb


Samuels Premium Meat Collection

Kurobuta Pork from Berkwood Farms

Tomahawk Chop (Frenched)

8-10 lb Each

4 Piece

Tonight's Price: $9.65/lb


Applewood Smoked Bacon

10-12 Slices per Pound

15 lb Case

Tonight's Price: $8.49/lb


Santa Carota Beef


Coulotte Steak, Choice

30 lb Case

16 Piece

Tonight's Price: $10.75/lb



20 lb Case

16 Piece

Tonight's Price: $7.00/lb


Please do not respond to this email if you have an order. Your sales agent is happy to assist you!

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